Asics Gel-Nimbus vs Asics Gel-Kayano

If you are looking for a new pair of running shoes, Asics carries two running shoes that offer great support, comfort, and style. We will discuss the similarities and differences between ASICS GEL-NIMBUS vs ASICS GEL-KAYANO, so you can decide which shoe best fits your lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a neutral running shoe, a stability shoe, are training to run a marathon or anything in-between, you will find all of the information you need to decide which cushioned running shoe is best for you.

Asics GEL-Nimbus Overview

This stable running shoe protects your natural arch as you walk or run. Arch support is one of the most important features of a running shoe because it ensures that your feet do not roll inwards or outwards ensuring a stable ride. These neutral runners are made of the softest material to support a wide variety of foot shapes and sizes.

The Outsole

With more flex grooves, this outsole provides the ultimate flexibility. This flexibility gives you more movement in the toe area. The shock-absorbing Gel on the heel and forefoot offers extra comfort and reduced impact for a smooth ride. Guidance for runners comes from the TRUSSTIC system on the outsole, improving natural gait cycle efficiency.


The pronounced heel looks stylish, and the padding around the collar creates a snug fit. The ASICS Gel Nimbus comes in a variety of colors and styles to suit your needs and personality. The sleek and modern, inter-crossing pattern on the Nimbus is very stylish.


The ASICS Gel Nimbus wraps your foot comfortably. Female runners appreciate the midfoot and forefoot lockdown. You can still wiggle your toes but have stability at the same time. The lightweight mesh upper lets your foot breathe. The Gel cushioning together with the ASICS FlyteFoam technology makes the ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 23 running shoes feel like clouds on your feet, and breathable upper mesh stretches to the shape of your foot.

Are they Better for Walking or Running?

The Nimbus style offers better comfort and support for long periods, so you can walk or stand for hours. However, if you need a running shoe with a lighter environmental footprint, consider the Gel Nimbus Lite. 

Asics GEL-Kayano Overview

Anyone with a low arch, better known as flat-foot, loves the ASICS Kayano runner. Low arches cause the feet to roll inwards, putting strain on your ligaments and tendons. The Kayano running shoe offers DuoMax technology to stop overpronation. The FlyteFoam Propel cushioning system wraps around the whole midsole of the shoe. The Kayano is a popular stability shoe pick for the runner’s foot.

The Outsole

The air-blown rubber in the forefoot section on the bottom of this everyday trainer offers guaranteed durability and great traction. The carbon rubber in the heel zone and striking zone provides additional comfort and support. Shock-absorbing Gel is on the heel and forefoot for impact reduction. The Trusstic system runs the entire width of the outsole. Anyone with wide feet will have complete protection.


With a pronounced heel and snug fit around the back of the foot, this style is sleek. The Kayano does offer a more pronounced external heel counter. The tongue and laces are padded to lessen any potential irritation. The Kayano 27 has evolved in style over time. However, the Asics inter-crossing pattern along the side of the shoe makes it stand out as a well-made brand.


The Kayano is more dialed in the forefoot to lock down your foot if you are an unstable runner. You don’t want a shoe that rolls around on you. The fit of this shoe is comfortable and accommodating to a variety of sizes and shapes of feet.

Are they Better for Walking or Running?

The Kayano shoes offer excellent support for dedicated runners. The Kayano will work well for you if your feet tend to roll inward. It is an ideal shoe for an athlete and anyone who wants to challenge themselves physically.

Comparing the Gel Nimbus 23 and the Gel Kayano 27

The Kayano 27 and the Nimbus 23 running shoes both offer various elements to support your foot. Let’s compare both styles of shoes to see which pair of shoes is best for you.


There are some similarities between both brands. Asics is well-known for making long-lasting running shoes, so these will both last a long time. Rest assured that both are known as excellent mileage running shoes.

Material and Special Features

Asics is known for its patented soft material, so they will feel softer compared to other shoes on the market. You can use both styles of shoes for running, walking, or an everyday gym workout. Both shoes have gel around the heel and forefoot—the gel assists with shock absorption and allows foot movement in different directions.


There are some key differences between both brands. Before considering which one works best, notice your foot shape and your arch type. The Kayano is a bit more in price, but not by much.

Material and Special Features

The DuoMax technology in the Kayano runner supports overpronation but tends to make the running shoe feel stiffer. The Nimbus has a softer feel and provides better comfort for long periods. The DuoMax technology in the Kayano is a unique feature that supports both overpronation (feet turning inwards) and underpronation (feet rolling outwards). That is a huge bonus if this is something you struggle with. The flex grooves in the sole unit differ; they are deeper in the Nimbus model.

Changes and Updates to the Newest Models

Before making your purchase, it is important to know that there have been some significant changes to the Nimbus 23 and the Kayano 27 running shoes. Each model of the shoe is different from its previous version. It is difficult to keep up sometimes.

Recent Changes to the Gel Nimbus 23

There are a variety of Asics Nimbus styles of shoes. Every year, Asics works on perfecting the newest version to meet the needs of their customers and make the most efficient and comfortable shoe design. The Newest Style Includes:
  • 10-mm drop for men for flexibility.
  • 13-mm drop for women for flexibility.
  • The Nimbus Lite, a lighter version of the popular shoe.
  • Additional Flyte Foam for support and comfort.
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Recent Changes to the Gel Kayano 27

The newest version underwent a visual redesign and it is still one of the best-selling trainers. The construction and design were recently reinvented in this version. The Newest Style Includes:
  • A More Firm Cushioning System.
  • New and improved DuoMax Stability System.
  • Additional FlyteFoam Propel at the forefoot.
  • New and improved Trusstic System on the outsole.
  • The Kayano Lite
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Comparison Summary

The Nimbus is a neutral shoe for the casual runner with a neutral foot, and the Kayano is a stability shoe best for the pronating runner looking for a cushioned ride. The flex grooves in the Nimbus model offer more flexibility. The Kayano is going to feel more firm in comparison to the Nimbus. Both shoes offer gel in the heel and forefoot to provide shock absorption upon impact. The Nimbus is lighter, whereas the Kayano is more stable. Both styles support a wide foot. Overall, both styles are great options whether you are on your feet all day or only using them to work out or go for a long-distance run. The main elements you need to consider when choosing between the Nimbus and Kayano are your arch type and the stability you are looking for.
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