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Brooks Ghost 12 Review



Looking for a great running shoe can be a challenge. So many running shoes cater to a particular style of running. Are you looking for speed? Is distance important? If you want a great all-around running shoe that will accommodate any and all of your runs, then you will love the versatility of the Brooks Ghost 12. Brooks has been in the business of running for a long time and they are well loved by their customers. Brooks running shoes are known for their comfort and great fit. The Brooks’ motto is “Run Happy” and they strive for customer satisfaction in all of their products. Their customers often find a happier run in their well made shoes.

Neutral Shoe Design – Perfect for Wider Toes

The Brooks Ghost 12 is a neutral running shoe, so it allows the foot more freedom to move, compared to a stability style of shoe. This shoe’s wide toe box also allows for more natural positioning of your foot. With a wider toe box, the toes are able to spread out comfortably, providing more natural support. The stability comes from your own feet working as intended, not from the shoe. A wide toe box is also great if you experience toe swelling, a very common issue on longer runs.

Comfortable Plush Feel & Excellent Fit

This shoe has an extra cushiony feel using Brooks’ DNA technology. Their BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning combine for an incredibly plush feel. However, even with this cushion, the Ghost maintains its responsiveness to the road. With the help of the Brooks Segmented Crash Pad, your heel to toe transitions will be smooth and comfy. This shock absorbing system will leave you with a comfortable stride, no matter how your foot lands. The Brooks Ghost 12 has a 3D fit print and newly engineered mesh upper. If you are wondering why they call this shoe the Ghost, it’s because the shoes feel as if they just disappear onto your feet. They have thoughtfully placed stretch and just the right amount of structure that you need. Brooks offers so much innovative technology to create a truly exceptional fit. Many Brooks Ghost customers love how pain free their runs are after lacing up these shoes. The wider toe box helps relieve issues such as bunions and plantar fasciitis and can even improve running posture. Many users have also commented that their back and knee pain have improved with this shoe. It is a great shoe for road running, but also works great for cross-training or at the gym. Even if you are on your feet all day at work, you will find this shoe comfortable and light.

Perfect for People with Higher Arch

If you have a higher arch, the Brooks Ghost 12 is an excellent choice. Unlike zero drop shoes, the Brooks has a 12mm midsole drop, making it perfect for someone with a medium to high arch. A neutral shoe like the Ghost also provides better support for higher arches that have less flexibility. This is particularly helpful for someone prone to supination due to higher arches.

Multiple Width Options to Accommodate Every Runner

Finding the right fit for your running shoe is so important, and the Brooks Ghost 12 accommodates with a variety of width options: a regular (or medium) fit, narrow, wide, or even extra wide (in men’s sizes). It is important to note that even though this shoe has a wider than average toe box, that does not mean that the shoe’s heel or midsole area is wide. Luckily, this brand offers wider sizes to better fit those runners who need both a wide toe box and an all-around wider fit. The shoe has a great style and comes in many color options. Offering trendy bright colors and also more neutral blacks and greys, there is a shoe to fit your style. They even have some in plaid if you want to really stand out from the crowd. If you are looking for a happier run, the Brooks 12 Ghost will have you smiling. Cushiony soft, durable, and with just the right amount of support, this shoe will be an excellent choice for your daily run. SEE ALSO: Brooks Ghost 13 and Brooks Ghost 13 GTX as well as Brooks Ghost 12 vs 13


Neutral shoe
Wide toe box
Lots of cushion while maintaining lightweight feel
Supports higher arches
Variety of widths available
Wide variety of colors available
Many customers reported less foot, back, and knee pain
Versatile, will work great no matter your running style


Some customers found this model to not run as wide as the Ghost 10 or 11
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