Asics Gel-Nimbus vs Asics Gel-Cumulus


Asics is a well-respected running shoe brand known for its long lines of stylish, comfortable, and durable running shoes. Two of the most popular lines include the Nimbus and Cumulus. The newest in both lines is the 23.

But what are the differences between the Gel Nimbus vs Gel Cumulus? What makes these shoes so exceptional, and what makes one better than the other? Is one better than the other?

Here is a detailed side-by-side comparison of the Asics Nimbus vs Cumulus.

General Design

The differences in design between the Nimbus 23 and the Cumulus 23 are very subtle. Overall, the Nimbus has a slightly bulkier, curvier design. It is shapelier than the Cumulus, with a moderately higher curl to the toe. The top of the midfoot and the collar come up somewhat higher than the Cumulus does.

The Cumulus, on the other hand, has a straighter design. It is more angular than the Nimbus, presenting a more neutral, unspecified shape. Additionally, the heel sticks out farther on the Cumulus than it does on the Nimbus. The Gel heel cushion is also smaller on the Cumulus. On the Nimbus, the Gel is more apparent and incorporated into the design better.

In general, the Cumulus has a sleeker, plainer, more streamlined design, while the Nimbus looks robust, curvier, and more molded. The Nimbus evokes a high-end running shoe, while the Cumulus boasts simplicity.


For both shoes, the upper has been designed with engineered mesh to allow for maximum breathability. This mesh is woven skillfully to allow different amounts of air to pass through in different spots.

A neat feature of the Nimbus 23 and the Cumulus 23 is that both their uppers are made from a minimum of 20% recycled materials. This addition is fabulous as it reduces the (somewhat literal) carbon footprint, helps the environment, and adds strength to the shoe.

There are a couple of areas in which the shoes’ uppers differ. The Nimbus is designed for maximum flexibility and movement. It has more stretch in the midfoot and overall than the Cumulus.

The Cumulus, on the other hand, is designed for improved support. The upper is a more neutral shape and has more structure. The upper has also been incorporated into the midsole so that they move together more than the Nimbus. 


The midsoles are where the Nimbus 23 and Cumulus 23 differ the most. The Nimbus 23 employs FlyteFoam Propel technology to increase cushioning and shock absorption. This padding also helps to propel you forward. The lightness of the cushioning makes it ideal for improved responsiveness.

The Trusstic technology helps to improve stability, while the famous Gel technology adds additional cushioning and shock absorptions to the heel.

The Cumulus 23 has an additional 3D Space Construction in the top layer of the midsole. The construction is of strategically placed pillars that enhance compression in the proper areas without reducing stability or durability.

The pillars are aligned differently for men’s and women’s to suit the different needs of each gender’s running styles. This addition ensures the smoothest ride possible for both genders.

Additionally, the Cumulus uses softer Gel technology under the heel for even better cushioning. The Cumulus also employs FlyteFoam technology in the midsole for added support and a smooth ride.


The outsole on both the Nimbus and the Cumulus is designed in a waved pattern. However, the outsole of the Cumulus is continuous, while the outsole of the Nimbus changes on the arch. On the Nimbus, the outsole has an added stiff plastic support on the inside edge of the arch.

Additionally, the outsole on the Nimbus extends farther on the heel and the toe than the cumulus does. They are the same shape, but the Nimbus supports the arch better.


The Nimbus 23 and Cumulus 23 both employ a staggered lacing design and an eyelet shape that allows for more natural movement around the upper foot.  The laces are flat to lie smoothly against the shoe.


Both tongues are of a medium thickness enough to keep grip without being bulky. The Cumulus has a lace loop while the Nimbus does not.


The collar on both the nimbus and cumulus are decently padded and designed in a swooped shape to hug the ankle but not get in the way of or rub against the malleolus bones.


Overall, the Cumulus is slightly more flexible. The Nimbus’ solid arch support prevents it from bending in the same way as the Cumulus does. The nimbus is designed to be more supportive under the stride, while the Cumulus is designed to be more supportive around the foot.

The difference is not significant, but the Nimbus is better for those who take heavier steps and need more arch support while Cumulus is better for those who need more comfort and support around their feet but more flexibility while running.

Generally, the Nimbus will provide better stride propulsion and bounce, while the Cumulus will afford better support and cushioning.


The women’s Nimbus 23 has a drop of 10mm and the Cumulus 23 has a drop of 13mm, while the men’s are both 10mm. The women’s shoes weigh about 8oz, and the men’s weigh about 9oz.


Both shoes come in the full range of sizes for men, women, children, and wrestling. The sizing charts include measurements for US sizes, UK sizes, European sizes, and sizes by centimeter.


Another salient difference in the shoes is the price. The Nimbus sells for $160, and the Cumulus sells for $120. This price difference is rather odd as the shoes are very similar in design and functionality.

Nimbus and Cumulus 22 vs 23

The most major and noticeable difference between the Nimbus 22 and 23 is that the grooves of the outsole are not as deep on the 23 as they are on the 22. They are also less thick overall, allowing better flexibility and breathability.

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The Cumulus 22 and 23 also have some notable differences. On the Cumulus 23, FlyteFoam technology has been implemented along the entire length of the outsole, whereas on the 22 it is concentrated towards the back of the shoe.

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General Product Line Differences

When it comes to the different lines in general, there are some key differences between the Nimbus line and the Cumulus line. For the most part, the Nimbus shoes are softer and stay softer over long distances. They use FlyteFoam and Gel technology to stay plush while still holding their shape.

This combination tends to last longer as a soft shoe than the Cumulus. The Cumulus line is known to be more responsive. The combination of FlyteFoam, Gel, FlyteFoam Propel technology adds flexibility and bounce but results in a firmer step.

Overall, the Nimbus line is well-suited to those who like to run very long distances, take heavier steps, or prefer softness. The Cumulus is the better option for those who want bounce, propulsion, and control in every step.

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Final Thoughts

While the Asics Gel Nimbus vs Cumulus may appear quite similar at first glance, it is apparent upon further inspection that there are key differences between them. The Nimbus is shapelier, has a thicker bottom, and is made to maintain form and softness over long distances.

The Cumulus is straighter, with a design that promotes bounce and control while maintaining comfort and support. When comparing the Asics Gel Cumulus vs Nimbus, it is clear that these shoes are created with different purposes in mind.

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