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How to return to running after an Injury

Losing fitness due to a break from running or having to stop training altogether because of an injury – these are risks that any runner has and they are part of the cycle of training, recovery and return to competition. However, coming back from running injuries can seem daunting, especially

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Strength Training for Runners

Just like a carpenter or a surgeon have to take care of their tools to make sure they’re doing the best job they can, so do runners need to ensure they look after their body to stay strong and fit. Adding tempo and fartlek runs to your training programs and

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Stride Length and Running

Running performance can be improved by looking at a number of intrinsic and external factors, which you can do by sticking to a regular training program that focuses not just on volume and speed increases, but also on your running form and economy. How does stride length play a part

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Hitting the Wall

Hitting the wall is synonymous with marathon running disaster. Usually happening around mile 20, this is when runners often feel they can’t go any farther as their glycogen stores are depleted and they feel exhausted. The good news, however, is that hitting the wall is definitely not unavoidable, and that

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How to Avoid a Side Stitch

When you run, lots of things can go wrong: you can get injured, you can get tired, and you might end up dehydrated or depleted from lack of enough food. How about side stitches, however, and the incredible discomfort they can cause to runners? What are side stitches, who runs

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How Often Should You Run?

Whether you’ve just taken up running and are absolutely loving it, or you’re working towards a personal fitness goal, training for a race, or simply for fun, running every day comes up in lots of runners’ questions. The benefits of regular exercise, running being just one type of beneficial physical

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Benefits of Foam Rolling

Using a foam roller is part of the oft-quoted advice for all runners, and indeed for active people who are looking to release tension in the muscles, address a tender spot or simply relax after intensive training. Moreover, foam rollers can be extremely beneficial regardless of the type of activity

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Glute Stretches

As a regular runner, no matter how often you exercise, you’re sure to have come across conversations around stretching and which stretches are best for maintaining your range of motion while keeping you away from injury. Glute stretches are one of the many types of stretches recommended for runners, as

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Heat Training for Summer Races

As temperatures go up and summer races are just around the corner, runners need to start preparing to train and compete in hot weather. This can be a challenge, from regulating your body temperature, to preparing for the sun and heat, to knowing what to eat and drink to be

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Barefoot running

The concept of barefoot running is simple: you were born barefoot, so your body will respond better to less cushioning and freedom from the grip of modern shoes. While this theory suggests that human feet can feel healthier and stronger from running and walking shoeless, or at least in minimalist

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Cross-training for runners

As a runner, whether you hit the tarmac on a regular basis or prefer getting lost on the trails, the bulk of your activity is repetitive (more for road runners than trail runners, but repetitive nonetheless). In time, repetitive motion can lead to injuries, strains, and even mental burnout or

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Dynamic Stretching

Stretching is one of the key elements of warming up and cooling down, regardless of the type of workout you do. For running, static stretches are great for relaxing warm muscles and bringing down your heart rate. And these are the stretches we’re most familiar with – the classic quadriceps

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Running rules

The life of a roadrunner is a lovely one. You can travel almost anywhere, just with your feet — whether it’s the next town over, a cafe you want to visit that’s a few miles away or a full-on marathon.   But with all the vehicles, there must be rules

An image of a woman and man tempo running

Tempo Run

Whether you’re training for a specific race or a personal best, the tempo run is one of the key types of workout that you should include in your running training program. Most of us plod along at a slow pace for our recovery runs, then go all out on interval

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Stretches for runners: what you need to know

The idea that runners need to stretch before or after a run (or both) is… as old as time! Jokes aside, we all know that our muscles benefit from stretching, but what isn’t clear is whether that is always the case. For example, could you damage a muscle by stretching

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Hill Sprints

Most runners associate hill sprints with race-specific training, i.e., when you are training for a race that has a notoriously hilly course or where you know that there are one or more hills that could decide your race result. However, hill workouts can be beneficial for so much more than

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Anaerobic Threshold

For many years, scientists have been trying to pinpoint values and levels to measure against in order to understand what drives human performance. Not just in sports but also in day-to-day life scenarios and looking at patients recovering from various illnesses, these values or thresholds can come in handy in

An image of a man controlling breathing while running

How to Breathe While Running

Breathing is not one of the topics most of us would spend too long thinking about, especially if you’re in good health and have no reason to watch your respiratory system. However, as you progress in your running or if you’ve just started running for fitness, you might find yourself

An image of asics gt 1000 and asics gt 2000

Asics GT 1000 versus 2000

If you’re looking for a running shoe, it makes sense to compare the Asics GT 1000 vs 2000. When choosing the perfect pair of running shoes, you need to find a balance between stability, cushioning, and how well the shoe absorbs the shock of your foot hitting the ground. Running

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Runners High

Aerobic exercise – and running in particular – has long been known to produce endorphins that make us happy and excited after a hard workout. Known as a “runner’s high,” this feeling is what keeps experienced runners lacing up their shoes again and again. It’s a great source of motivation,

An image of a woman with fitness tracker running at the beach

Heart Rate Training

Running training can be done on feeling, especially at the beginning of your running “career.” However, you’ll soon realize that you need some metrics to help you measure your progress and the amount of effort you put in. Especially if you’re looking to train for specific races, knowing your maximum

an image of a woman running in the mountain trails

Accessories for Trail Runners

Whether you’re a seasoned trail runner or a newbie, you can benefit from knowing the essentials you’ll need for the trail. Don’t ever get caught with your pants down — both metaphorically and literally (we’ve all had to make a trailside stop, okay). From proper shoes to medical alert jewelry

An image of a couple running with earphones on

Cadence Running

The world of running – professionally or for leisure – is benefitting more and more from sophisticated data and the ability to capture all sorts of information about our form, speed, endurance, and more. Running cadence is one of these metrics and arguably an element of your running that can

An image of a runner's feet basking in the sun on a rock

How to Find the Right Running Shoes

Finding and picking the right pair of running shoes to fit your exact needs isn’t always easy. There are simply too many choices in today’s saturated footwear market. In fact, the global market for athletic footwear was valued at around $98 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow to

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Fartlek Running

Running regularly yields lots of physical and psychological benefits. It also helps you strive towards an end goal, usually one or a series of races throughout your running calendar. But, what happens once you reach a plateau and your running isn’t getting any faster or your endurance has remained roughly

An image of the asics nimbus and the asics cumulus running shoes

Asics Nimbus vs Cumulus

Asics is a well-respected running shoe brand known for its long lines of stylish, comfortable, and durable running shoes. Two of the most popular lines include the Nimbus and Cumulus. The newest in both lines is the 23. But what are the differences between the Gel Nimbus vs Gel Cumulus?

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How to Run Faster

Your running speed might be the first and most important part of your running training focus, or it could be a secondary thought after you’ve been working on your endurance. Either way, how to run faster is a question that all of us have, from seasoned runners to beginners looking

An image of asics nimbus and kayano

Asics Nimbus versus Kayano

If you are looking for a new pair of running shoes, Asics carries two running shoes that offer great support, comfort, and style. We will discuss the similarities and differences between ASICS GEL-NIMBUS vs ASICS GEL-KAYANO, so you can decide which shoe best fits your lifestyle. Whether you are looking

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Fasted Cardio

Running on an empty stomach – or “fasted running” – has become a popular hack for losing weight and burning fat. This is because of the general concept that running on empty will lead to the body burning fat for energy, consequently helping you get leaner quicker and teaching your

An image of brooks ghost and brooks glycerin running sneakers

Brooks Ghost versus Glycerin

Brooks running shoes are one of the most popular brands out there, and with good reason. Brooks is known for creating beautifully designed, high-performance daily trainers to improve your run and ideally prevent injury. Brooks combines their knowledge of running with feedback from their consumer to improve all lines of

An image of the hoka clifton compared to the hoka bondi

Hoka Clifton versus Bondi

If you enjoy a shock-absorbed, cushioned running shoe, Hoka One One is the king of comfort. One look at their chunky soles, and you know that they’re different from others. Chunky soles have more fun. Picking the best shoe can be highly personal. But you don’t necessarily have to run

An image of the brooks ghost vs the brooks adrenaline

Brooks Ghost versus Adrenaline

Brooks Ghost vs. Adrenaline: it’s a matchup as fierce and hotly-contested as Ali vs. Tyson, Coke vs. Pepsi, blue-and-black vs. white-and-gold. Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea. Seriously, ask a dozen dedicated runners which model they prefer, and the answers you get

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Nutrition for Runners

As a new runner or a seasoned athlete looking to level up your performance, nutrition for runners is a key area to look into, especially if you have related goals such as losing weight, improving muscle strength, getting lean etc. While there are many diets for athletes, as well as

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Numb Toes When Running

Most people experience a pins and needles sensation of your “foot falling asleep” after sitting too long, but what if it happens during activity? If you notice your toes or feet go numb when running, it could be disconcerting, especially if you don’t know the cause. Numb toes or feet

An image of a group of trail runners

Trail Marathon Training

If you’ve been running for a while on roads and maybe sometimes on trails too, you might be getting to the point where a 5k or 10k run isn’t a challenge for you anymore. So you’ve set your sights on a trail marathon and want to see how running on

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Trail Running Training

Whether you’re a seasoned runner looking to spice up your running routine or a trail runner who is coming back from injury or searching for a structured trail running training plan, hitting the trails can yield multiple benefits for regular recreational runners. From giving your body a rest from pounding

An image of a group of young runners stretching in the morning before a run

How to Start a Running Club

If you enjoy running as a hobby or your go-to form of exercise, starting a running group might be right for you. Running clubs are a way to stay active while building a sense of community. In this post, we’ll give you an overview of how to start a running

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Benefits of Running

We all have that friend who boasts about going for a 30-minute jog every day, while conflicting reports suggest that perhaps they should take more time off. Is running every day a good idea? How often should you run, and should you run at all? The benefits of running are

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How to prevent chafing while running

Running is great exercise and comes with many health and mental benefits. However, if you suffer from chafing, you are likely in too much pain to enjoy your run. While some people suffer from chafing more than others, anyone who runs frequently can have trouble with it. Whether you have

An image of brooks ghost 12 vs the ghost 13

Brooks Ghost 12 versus 13

The Brooks Ghost 12 is a popular running shoe that gets great reviews across the board. But how does it stand up against its successor, the Brooks Ghost 13? Here’s an in-depth look at both shoes’ features and why one may be better for you than the other. An Overview of

An image of a woman tying their running shoes by the pavement

How To Break In Running Shoes

Have you ever seen a marathoner pull shoes out of a box, tear off the tags, and take off? Probably not. Even experienced runners have to take time to break in new shoes to prevent irritation and injuries. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, this guide can answer your

An image of a runner running for rangers in the African savannah

Running for Rangers

Running is a passion for many, whether you use it to clear your head, stay in shape, enjoy the outdoors, or escape your emails. What many people don’t consider, however, is running to save elephants and rhinos! The For Rangers Ultra is put together just for that reason. The For

An image of a tired man panting after running

VO2 max cardiorespiratory fitness

For athletes, VO2 Max is a popular buzzword. There are tons of discussions about improving numbers scores, calculating them, and what it means to our overall health. So that begs the question, what is VO2 Max, and why is it so important? What is VO2 Max? Knowing your VO2 Max

A low angle image shot of a man running through the woods

Trail Running Safety

Of all the physical activities, running is considered to be the favorite among fitness enthusiasts. With that being the case, a trail runner prefers to run in secluded areas, such as through the hills and on unpaved natural terrain. Trail runners prefer this activity to stay away from busy roads

An image of a woman striking a yoga pose on a rock by the ocean

Yoga for Runners

If you are a runner, you may not know that yoga can help you with running in more ways than you know. One quick yoga session will help loosen any tight spots you may have, build up any of your weak areas, and help make you a better runner while

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Brooks versus Asics

If you’re reading this guide, it’s probably safe to assume that you’re a runner! And as a runner, you need to know what kind of features you can expect from popular running shoes. Today, we’re discussing Brooks vs. Asics. These brands are currently sitting at the top of the running shoe food chain, and for good reason.

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Winter Running Gear

Running on trails in the harsh winter can be quite an adventurous task. However, endowing yourself with the best winter running gear is essential to stay warm and comfortable. These running clothes are made using high-quality materials that are snug fit, water-resistant, and windproof. You also need not worry about

An image of worn out running shoes

When To Replace Trail Running Shoes

Do you love to go on trail runs? Have you recently invested in trail running shoes and feel that you have to replace them again? What are the signs to look for to know it’s time to buy a new pair? Before learning when to invest in a new pair

A picture of a male runner in earphones holding his knees

What to Eat after a Run

Are you someone that takes their running seriously? Perhaps you are planning an endurance race, or you are a regular marathon runner. If you are a beginner or have been researching how to replenish all the lost energy after strenuous long runs, continue reading to find out what to eat

An image of a man running on the road at night with a bright streetlight in the background

Running at Night

“Difficult times bring in drastic changes in society.” We couldn’t agree more with this statement. With the COVID-19 pandemic gripping the whole world, fitness enthusiasts and regular gym goers reinvent the workout regime. You can see the change in the rising number of cyclists and joggers around the park or

image of a man lying on the track holding one knee in pain

How much running is too much

How Much Running Is Too Much Running? If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, what would happen if you threw a daily run into the mix? On the whole, you would be better off. Studies show that running just five to ten minutes a day can have an

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Jogging versus running

If you know anything about working out, you know that if you are not walking, you are either jogging or running. There has been a long-running debate for years about what makes one different from the other. Is running really better than jogging and vice versa? Professional runners are known

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Parts of a sneaker

The Anatomy of Sneakers for Running If only Forrest Gump had worn running shoes, the sky would have been the limit. But he did not, like maybe others who settle for any sport shoe (tennis, basketball, etc.) to run. Big mistake. Why? Because not all sneakers are created equal. A

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Human musculoskeletal system and running

The Human musculoskeletal system and Running The average person desires to stay fit at all times. Staying fit doesn’t demand too much, it only requires that you eat well and perform the right exercises in the right way. Good running form can help an individual create physical, physiological, and psychological

A picture of the legs of a man in sneakers covered in mud

Cleaning sneakers guide

You spent a lot of time picking the right pair of running shoes. You want to keep them in tip, top shape and make them last as long as you can.  How do you wash running shoes? Can you throw them in the washing machine? Do they have to be

A runner holding their quads in pain

Muscle soreness and running

Muscle soreness and Running If you are someone who works out a lot and then the next day, your muscles are sore, just know that it is a common experience. If you are a runner it is easy to understand that you are sore if you increased your speed for

A shirtless man with abs running up a flight of stairs

Rectus abdominis and running

A Runner’s Guide to Well-Defined Abs Running has so many health benefits! During a run, you get a powerful cardio workout, an intense leg workout, and some pretty great endorphin release also known as the “runner’s high.” Can running also give you abs? First, what do we mean by abs?

An image of feet showing the different types of pronation

How Should Running Shoes Fit

Shoe size and fit for Running Before you invest money into running shoes you need to know, how should running shoes fit? Finding shoes that fit well is the first step to a great run! So, what do you need to know before you buy your first pair? Here are

A picture of the front and back muscle-skeletal system

Muscular system and running

The Muscular system and Running Running is an excellent way to target many different parts of the body all at once. While not considered by most as a muscle-building exercise, it strengthens and tones a wide variety of muscles all through the body. One benefit of running is that it

An image of athletes in start running position on a trail

How To Start Running Again

Updated How To Start Running Again This article is for those who want to learn how to start running again and would like some tips on doing so. The insights shared here are from my own experience and how my initial attempt to start running again failed and led to

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