A picture of IInov-8 Roadclaw 275 V2 Women's Running Shoes

Inov-8 Roadclaw 275 V2 Review



Inov-8 is a relatively new, but well-trusted brand. Specializing in trail-running, this British company is considered a world leader in shoe grip. With the Roadclaw 275 V2, Inov-8 has created a road running shoe that will power you through your run, no matter the weather or road conditions.

Lightweight and Breathable

One of the best features of the Roadclaw is its breathability. It has a stripped-back mesh upper, allowing for excellent airflow with every step. With this extra ventilation, your feet will stay dry, even in the hot and humid summer months. A dry foot means less blisters and discomfort, allowing you to enjoy your run for longer.

This shoe also feels extremely lightweight, while still providing ample cushion and great heel support. The extra padded tongue is soft without being too bulky. Inov-8 also has a padded heel cage, making this a comfortable shoe right out of the box. The heel cage provides extra heel support, helping you to maintain an efficient gait on longer runs. The blown rubber outsole at the forefoot gives this shoe a more springy, plush, and flexible feel than a traditional rubber sole.

Neutral Shoe with Wide Toe Box

Even though it offers extra heel support, the Inov-8 Roadclaw 275 V2 is a neutral shoe, allowing for a natural foot movement. Perfect for runners with neutral pronation, the runner’s own foot provides the stability. Combined with a wide toe box and excellent road responsiveness, you will feel strong and stable during your run.

This shoe’s wide toe box makes it a great option if you find that other shoes are squeezing your toes. A wider toe box can relieve pain, allow for swelling, and provide extra stability. However, there have been some runners that have complained about the durability of the toe box. If you know you are rough on your shoes, you may find these quickly wearing through at the toes. A proper fit may help prevent this. It is always wise to try on your new shoes before buying, or be prepared to return them, sizing up or down accordingly, if buying online.

Excellent Road Traction

As mentioned earlier, Inov-8 is best known for their trail running shoes. Using the same Inov-8 grip tech, they have designed a road-running shoe that provides excellent road traction. Many users report this being their go-to shoe for wet weather runs.

The Roadclaw also has Inov-8’s Power flow+ midsole technology, providing 10% better shock absorption and a better energy return than your typical midsoles. Combined with the 3.5mm deep lugs, these shoes will help you complete your run comfortably, no matter how rugged the road.

Fit and Style

The Roadclaw 275 V2 has an 8mm drop, making it an excellent choice for someone with an average or higher arch. As mentioned before, this shoe does offer a wide toe box, and it’s fit is also described as wide. However, many reviewers felt that the shoe ran more narrow than its description. Compared with other Inov-8 models, this shoe runs wide, but it does not fit a wider foot as well as other road running brands.

Some users also complained that the tread seemed to wear out more quickly than expected. If you are a longer distance runner, or are just particularly rough on your shoes, you may be disappointed in the Roadclaw’s durability. That being said, many users loved these shoes for shorter runs or for walking.

The Roadclaw 275 V2 is an attractive shoe, but does have a more limited color selection than other brands. Offered in gray with pops of blue, red, or green, this shoe will look great with whatever you are wearing. If you want the more electric blues or neon greens, you may be disappointed with the color selections.

Overall, the Inov-8 Roadclaw 275 V2 is an excellent shoe for making even the toughest conditions more comfortable. Rough roads, hot summers, or wet weather will no longer keep you from finishing your run in top form. If you need a shoe to help you tackle any and every condition, be sure to check out the Roadclaw.


Neutral shoe
8mm midsole drop
Wide toe box
3.5mm deep lugs for excellent road traction, even in wet weather
Soft and cushioned ride
Power flow+ midsole technology with shock absorption
Lightweight with ultra breathability
Great shoe for hot and humid summers


Not as durable as other brands, particularly in the toe box
Fits more narrow than described
Limited color options
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