Running shoes are not waterproof by themselves, even with a Gore-Tex lining. These are capable of resisting water, but it will not be capable of preventing moisture completely because of the shoe’s low-cut design. Water may splash and enter from the heel collar, and the lining that keeps the water out prevents draining water from the inside.

So here is why you should be investing in a waterproof running trail shoe. A waterproof shoe prevents water from entering your shoes. If you are not running a marathon, then the shoes will repel moisture for the entire run duration. It protects you from splashes when landing in a puddle. If you need to run in muddy conditions, a waterproof feature is something you should have. The waterproof upper part blocks the wind and keeps the inside warm, making the waterproof shoe a must-have in the winter months.

Now that you understand why you need to invest in waterproof shoes, here is the kind of shoe you should buy. The idea is to be clear on where you plan to run. Trail running shoes with a Gore-Tex membrane and Cloudventure are perfect for an off-road run. You could also buy Gore-Tex equipped shoes if you wish to pursue road running.

Here we have covered the best waterproof trail running shoes. Take your pick!

Best Waterproof Trail Running Sneakers

1. Salomon Speedcross 5 GTX Trail Running Shoe

An image of Salomon Men's Speedcross 5

The Salomon Speedcross 5 GTX is the leader in the edition of waterproof shoes and is a popular one among the runners who love to run on a dirt trail. It is a lightweight trail shoe, and it offers a perfect grip on the soft trails. The feet stay dry as you run through snow-covered roads or puddled roads.

The internal temperature of the shoe is regulated well because of the breather construction on its upper side. The shoe offers support to your heel and ankle, making it popular among the hiker who saves himself from the bulkiness of wearing a hiking boot.

The cherry on the cake is the Quicklace adjustment system that is fast and easy to do and never even makes your shoe a loose fit. It lets you stay safe and your feet dry all through the run.

The Speedcross 5 has a rubber sole and a lace-up closure. The latest version of the shoe also has a new GORE-TEX construction that comes with a floating tongue to offer more streamlines and comfort and thus improves the shoe’s overall feel and look. It maintains outstanding cushioning, a renowned grip, and provides a precise fit.



2. Brooks Cascadia 15 GTX Trail Running Shoe

A picture of the Brooks Cascadia 15

The waterproof version of the Brooks Cascadia 15 GTX will cost you $30 more than the non-waterproof version. The shoe is one of the best trail running shoes. The aggressive outsole lugs are made of sticky rubber, and the rock plate is the standard feature in a trail-worthy shoe. However, the shoe also surprises you with many additional features. It comes with attachment points on the heel and in the front for the trail gaiter. This helps to boost the waterproof feature of the shoe.

The proactive layers cover the upper part and also act as a barrier against moisture. The positioning system is unique on the midsole that increases the stability of the shoe. Two pairs of firm form parts are edged in the rearfoot and the forefoot, which offers additional support to the wearer.



3. Altra King MT2 Trail Running Shoe

An image of Altra Men's King Mt. 2 Black

The Altra King MT2 is a running trail shoe for men that is loaded with immense benefits. The shoe offers amazing breathability because of its upper mesh that is handmade, and improves air passage. It thus keeps your skin fresh and dry. When you wear this shoe, you feel stable. 

The outsole design offers greater levels of stability and reduces the impact produced in pronation. The shoe’s frontal side has a standard space that keeps you comfortable, improving your toes’ movement and position. 

The model closure is traditional, with laces that are distributed in the instep. Velcro offers additional support. The Altra King MT2 provides better durability, grip, performance, and drainage. The upper part of the shoe ensures comfort and flexibility. The shoe also comes in a wide range of color choices.



4. Saucony Peregrine 10 GTX Trail Running Shoe

An image of the saucony peregrine 10 gtx trail running shoe

Saucony Peregrine 10 GTX is a popular trail shoe with a rock plate, Grippy PwrTrack outsole, Midsole comfort, and waterproof features. The shoe offers a waterproof upper that has a protective and fused overlay. It also comes with an ISOFIT panel. This shoe’s unique feature is its 4mm heel to toe drop, which is not seen commonly in the other waterproof trail running shoes. 

The deeper directional PWRTRAC lugs give the wearer the perfect grip. The show is specially made to handle wet and muddy terrain. The PWRRUN cushioning offers a protective and responsive feel to let you run uphill and downhill with complete confidence. 

The enhanced water-resistant feature helps shed mud, and the FORMFIT design specific to the trail that gives the perfect fit to run on any uneven terrain. The grippy versatility of the shoe is made to handle any trail. For those who want to explore running off-road, the Saucony Peregrine 10 GTX is undoubtedly the best choice for them.

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5. Brooks Ghost 13 GTX Running Shoe

A picture of the men's brooks ghost 13 gtx road running shoe in black, ebony, and red

The Brooks Ghost 13 GTX is a well-rounded shoe with its fit and ride characteristics and is a regular feature in this shoe line. The single-density midsole of the shoe offers a smooth ride. The upper is highly comfortable because of the engineered mesh upper and the padded tongue or heel that works its magic on your feet.

The Gore-Tex protection comes with an upper, breathable membrane that offers water-resistant protection to tackle puddles and rain traces. The balanced and soft cushioning, DNA LOFT, and the BioMoGo DNA cushioning works in synergy to offer the perfect softness on the foot sole. This is without sacrificing longevity and reachability to provide a light feel. Stable and smooth, no matter how hard you land on the road, the integrated shock absorber and crash pad will provide a smooth transition from the heel to the toe.



Frequently Asked Questions

Are waterproof running shoes worth it?

Waterproof running shoes are bliss on the cold, wet winter mornings when you are jogging on the wet grass. The shoes retain some of the warmth and keep the water from entering your shoes. These are windproof too. In extreme climates, this helps to prevent chilblains and frostnip. Even some of the most breathable waterproof shoes let you stay warm, and this is something that is a must on a cold day. Waterproof trail shoes do not allow the grit and bits to come through the upper. This keeps your shoes debris and mudproof and does not let the bits make holes in your socks.

Are there cheap waterproof trail shoes?

We all are willing to spend a lot more on footwear quality because every adventure is fulfilled when you have healthy and happy feet. Comfort and fit usually tend to hit on our pockets, but the good thing about waterproof trail running shoes is that there are many available varieties at varied price points. You have some of the best budget hiking shoes, as well as the top value picks that make the waterproof trail shoes worth the purchase.


If you are running in the snow, waterproof shoes will help protect against the snow’s moisture and not let it pass through the upper fabrics. When you run in damp and cold conditions, waterproof trail running shoes shield your feet from moisture when the shoe touches the wet grass and bushes. 

If you plan a trip to the mountains, a waterproof trail runner lets you stay dry in the damp weather. Perfect for a rain and mud climate, waterproof trail shoes are a better alternative to bulky hiking boots. All of this points to one thing, that waterproof shoes are worth the investment.