A picture of the men's brooks ghost 13 gtx road running shoe in black, ebony, and red

Brooks Ghost 13 GTX Review



When it comes to road running shoes that make waves with how they perform, look no further than the Brooks Ghost 13 GTX. The Ghost is one of the leading shoes sold in the Brooks line and is one of the better selling running shoes in the United States. When you think about the Brooks Ghost, the first thing that will come to mind is how they are known for their shock-absorbing ride and the amount of comfort you will have when you go on medium to long runs. We were able to test these shoes and can say that they are some of the best out there. Below we will go over some of the benefits that the Brooks Ghost 13 GTX will give you when deciding to put them on and go for a run.

A Shoes That Fits You Just Right

One of the big positives about this shoe is that they fit true to size and contain medium volume from toe all the way to heel. When you put your foot in this shoe, you will instantly feel how super soft it is. The Brooks Ghost 13 GTX is definitely one of the most comfortable winter running shoes out there. The lavish feeling you get from this shoe only enhances the longer you run, so don’t worry about your feet killing you if you are a long-distance runner. While you run, you will not feel a single bump as you go. The beefy heel cushion, along with the high heel-toe offset (12mm), invites a heel-striking stride. Not to worry, this shoe has a crash pad in the heel that distributes that force and makes your stride that much smoother. The average arch height for the Ghost GTX is anywhere from medium to high.

Advanced Technology Improves Your Run

This new Ghost model comes with a lot of advanced new technology. Inside the midsole, you will find that the comfort these shoes provide is due to the DNA LOFT foam that gives your feet superior and soft cushioning while not compromising your shoes’ durability. You will also find the Omega Flex Grooves in the midsole that will ensure your shoe is as flexible as they come. There is a GORE-TEX Invisible Fit membrane in the upper, which gives you the ability to go out and run in those wet and muddy conditions without having to worry about having soggy feet. If you own the Ghost 12’s, you will notice that the Ghost 13’s run a lot smoother than its predecessor.

More Than Just a Running Shoe

While the Brooks Ghost 13 GTX was built for running, that does not mean you cannot use it for anything else. You like to run on your way to and from the gym? Awesome! Now you don’t have to change shoes in between while you are working out. You will want to keep in mind, though, Brooks shoes are meant to last you between 300-500 miles. Once you get around to that point, you will want to start looking for a new pair since all the benefits that these shoes give you will start to deteriorate.

Overall Rating

The Brooks Ghost 13 GTX are some of the best road running shoes available to buy today. Through our practice run with them, we feel comfortable giving them an excellent 9/10. These shoes are both comfortable and advanced enough where your feet will not be sore afterward. Whether you are going to use the Brooks Ghost 13 GTX for running or working out, you will find yourself running faster and further. In the end, the choice is yours, but we cannot say enough about these shoes. Give them a try and see for yourself! SEE ALSO: Brooks Ghost 13


These shoes provide a very stable ride
Very comfortable upper
Water and mud resistant
Cushions that keep your feet moving forward
Lighter weight than most GTX models


The shoe lacks a lot of get up and go
Fast wearing outsole rubber
Not a lot of midsole responsiveness
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