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Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 Review



The Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 is the latest model of the moderate stability trainer. Mizuno markets their latest shoe in the stability field as providing a smoother ride for runners. The Inspire 17 has an updated fan-shaped wave, heel construction, and resilient U4ic foam cushioning. According to Mizuno, these features contribute to a smoother transition from heel to toe and a superior ride compared to previous models. Read on for our Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 Review.

What’s New?

The Mizuno Wave 17 makes several innovations from the Mizuno Wave 16. In addition to an updated appearance, the new stability running shoes feature a redesigned tread pattern, a new foam cushioning called ENERZY™, and an updated Wave Plate. The new Double Fan Wave Plate squares up the curved lines of the running shoe’s previous incarnation. The Mizuno Wave Inspire’s latest edition also reconfigures the midfoot sole for added flexibility. To stabilize the foot in the correct place in the shoe, the Wave Inspire 17 also adds a center channel that connects the heel to the toe. The upper of this stability runner features a lower lacing mechanism and a thicker, more cushioned tongue for extra comfort.

Who Is It For?

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 is designed for experienced runners. It is especially beneficial for overpronated runners. While these runners should find this shoe more than satisfactory, forefoot strikers might want to consider a different model. When the foot rolls inwards further than it should, flattening the arch, overpronation occurs. Stability shoes are specifically designed to counteract overpronation by providing strategically placed support to prevent the ankle from rolling past the appropriate point. There are several methods of determining whether you overpronate or underpronate. One is checking the wear patterns on the insoles of shoes you already own. Another involves leaving a wet footprint on a flat surface. In either case, if about half of your arch is visible in the imprint, your pronation is neutral. If very little of your arch is visible, you have underpronation. If most of your arch leaves a print, you overpronate, and should use a stability shoe. It is essential to determine what your pronation type is before you purchase running shoes. For instance, the Mizuno Wave Rider is a neutral daily rider. It is designed for runners with neutral pronation and provides a firmer ride. The Mizuno Inspire is a moderate-stability shoe. It provides more cushioning and strategic support for overpronated runners. While both models are daily trainers, they are designed to accommodate different types of runners.

Key Specifications

Here is a breakdown of the Mizuno Wave Inspire 17s construction.


The new version of the Wave Inspire boasts an outsole constructed from X10, a durable carbon rubber. The tread pattern has been updated to maximize grip. Mini-wave plates located in high-flex areas provide increased flexibility. The wave plate is sandwiched between two layers of cushioning. A heel wedge constructed of Mizuno ENERZY cushioning offers 15% more softness and a 17% increase in energy return. The middle of the midsole contains a double fan wave plate. A plastic wave runs from midfoot to heel, along with a double fan wave plate on the medial side topped by U4ic cushioning.


The heel of the Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 features a wave plate that compensates for the bounciness of the midsole. The heel construction is notably stiff and narrow, which provides greater stability. Plenty of ENERZY cushioning in this area makes this shoe ideal for heel strikers.


In terms of the midsole, the Mizuno Inspire 17 is designed to provide extra bounce and flexibility. Constructed from U4ic midsole foam, this soft midsole offers shock absorption while remaining light and durable. It is highly responsive and flexible, creating a cushioned yet supportive midsole for a comfortable run.


One of the Inspire 17’s most prominent changes is in the toe box. Reviews of past versions of the Inspire complained about the lack of room due to the too-narrow forefoot. The 17 solves this problem by creating a roomier space in the toe box for a broad forefoot.


The Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 features Waveknit™, a double-layered air mesh upper, which offers a flexible, comfortable fit. The mesh material is sturdy enough to hold in warmth for cold-weather runs while remaining breathable. The Inspire 17 improves the upper’s fit with midfoot overlays on both the lateral and medial sides. The fit is narrow from toe to heel. The lacing is set low on the tongue, which is sturdier and more cushioned than the previous edition, solving one of the complaints about the Wave Inspire 16.


The drop on the Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 is 12mm. For heel-strikers, this feature will be undetectable, although it may be problematic for forefoot strikers.


The Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 is a reliable stability shoe that offers a soft ride with a midsole for overpronators. With its proven U4ic foam, Double Fan Wave, air mesh upper, plentiful midsole cushioning, merged rubber outsole, and redesigned tongue and lacing mechanism, this solid runner provides a pleasant feeling under the foot and smoother transition than previous models. As this Wave Inspire 17 review has illustrated, the latest iteration of this popular stability shoe is an excellent choice for overpronated mileage runners, especially heel-strikers. While forefoot strikers may find the shoe to provide a firmer ride than they prefer, heel-strikers will be delighted by the responsive ride as the road unfolds under their feet.


ENERZY padding is lush and lightweight
Upper is breathable but warm
Forefoot offers plenty of bounce and flexibility
Wave Plate helps counteract the effects of overpronation
Wave Inspire 17 offers solid stability
Soft, responsive heel cushioning
X10 outsole is highly durable
The heel design is tighter, providing more stability
Heel-toe transitions are smoother than previous models


Some claim the shoe is too stiff
Some users experience an inconsistent ride
It weighs more than the previous model
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