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Brooks Glycerin 19 Review



Brooks makes shoes known for their comfort and support, if not their flashy designs. Their premium training shoe brand is the Glycerin, a deeply cushioned shoe that provides excellent support for under pronators and high-mileage runners.

The newest edition in the Glycerin line is the Glycerin 19, and we think it’s the best one so far. We’ve put together an in-depth Brooks Glycerin 19 review so you can examine every feature and decide if the shoe is right for you.

Brooks Glycerin 19 Review: Our First Impressions

The Brooks Glycerin 19 is hands down Brooks’ best so far in the flagship Glycerin line.

Experts occasionally categorize Glycerin designs in the “dad shoes” or pronation (supination) shoe group because of their focus on support. But many runners found them a little too heavy or clunky for daily wear or running.

The Glycerin 19 has all the recovery support without the clunkiness. The new model builds on the strengths of the previous generation and gives us a medium-soft, max-cushioned trainer.

With a stack height of 31mm and an offset of 10mm, you get serious support across the whole foot, with an above-average cushion for the heel. The support is excellent throughout the heel and midsole, and a super-plush mesh upper conforms comfortably to your foot and keeps you cool.

For any runners who need a cushioned shoe – or whose doctor recommends extra support for recovery – the Glycerin 19 is an excellent place to start. Some studies have shown that a max-cushioned shoe isn’t always good for recovery, so make sure to consult with a podiatrist.

Brooks Glycerin 19 Features, Fit & Performance

For our Glycerin 19 review, we examined the shoe’s unique features and what sets it apart from other running shoes.


The Glycerin is one of the most cushioned shoes on the market, comparable to the HOKA One One Bondi 7.

What gives such a great cushion?

The Glycerin line is the only Brooks shoe with 100% DNA LOFT cushioning. DNA LOFT is made of EVA foam, rubber, and air. EVA foam is extremely lightweight as well, so you’ll see it in long-distance trainers. DNA LOFT provides excellent lightweight but firm cushioning and absorbs impact without feeling too squishy.

High Offset and Smooth Transition

In the Glycerin 19, Brooks has added a little more DNA LOFT than in the 18 and extended it full-length through the midsole. This change gives the 19 a padded feeling and enables an incredibly smooth transition from heel to toe.

The shoe’s outsole also has excellent ground contact, so you have stability despite the high stack height of 31mm. This stability translated to a very smooth ride.

3D Fit Print Mesh Upper

Experts recognize Brooks Glycerin for its high-quality mesh uppers that conform effortlessly to your foot for insane comfort and breathability. They use 3D Fit Print, a screen-print technology that creates a uniquely flexible and lightweight fit.

The Glycerin 19 fits like a glove, with a breathable multi-layer mesh upper that molds to your foot. Compared to previous models, the Glycerin 19 has a lower and tighter toe box, which you can feel in the toe.

The gusseted tongue adds the final touch for a secure fit. You may want to size up.

Interior Support

The interior matches the glove-like fit of the upper, with an Ortholite sock liner that molds to your foot bed. The liner gives the Glycerin 19 an edge in comfort, allowing for a snug but flexible fit.

What Is The Difference Between Glycerin 19 and Glycerin 18?

The Glycerin 19 is very similar to the 18. But minor tweaks make a huge difference in the quality of your run.

  • Outsole: The stack height and offset are precisely the same, but the Glycerin 19 has a slightly wider surface area on the rubber outsole. The outsole maintains excellent complete ground contact but adds a touch more support for a stable ride.
  • Midsole: Measurements are the same for the midsole, but the Glycerin 19 has a full-length DNA LOFT midsole. A slight increase of DNA LOFT in the midsole gives the 19 a slightly more cushioned feel than the Glycerin 18.
  • Upper: Again, tiny adjustments improve the Glycerin 19 upper. The materials and fit are more precise on the 19 than the 18, and the toe box provides a slightly closer fit. The tighter toe box gives you a more controlled feel in the final part of your gait cycle.

Overall, the Glycerin 19 beats the 18 and is an excellent new edition in the Glycerin line.

Who Is The Glycerin 19 Best For?

The Brooks Glycerin 19 is ideal for anyone looking for a supportive – but not excessively soft – running or walking shoe.

For Runners

Since the Glycerin 19 focuses on supportive cushioning, it’s an ideal shoe for easy runs and long-distance running. The shoe is engineered through the outsole and midsole to absorb impact on runs. This design will support your foot and minimize pain and any risk of injury.

Don’t use the Glycerin 19 for hard runs, speed workouts, or agility training. As with any shoe that focuses on cushioning support, the Glycerin 19 has less responsiveness than a sprinting shoe. This pair of shoes won’t give you the edge you need for speed sessions.

For Daily Support

Whether or not you’re a runner, the Glycerin 19 can be an excellent shoe for daily wear if you need a little extra support.

We recommend it for anyone who:

  • Works longs hours on their feet
  • Has high arches
  • Is recovering from a lower-body injury and needs support
  • Is an underpronator
  • Has plantar fasciitis

While you should always consult your doctor first, the Glycerin 19 might be the right shoe for you if you need that recovery cushion.

As we wrap up our Brooks Glycerin 19 review, let’s take a final look at the pros and cons listed below.


High stack height and plush DNA LOFT midsole provide cushion for high mileage runs or people who need extra support
The high offset of 10mm is excellent for easy runs and for relieving plantar fasciitis
3D Fit Print upper provides a close but highly flexible fit
Ortholite insoles provide even more support
Broad ground contact on the outer sole gives good support for long runs
Great for runners with high arches


Not suitable for sprints or high-intensity training
The mesh upper can feel too tight, may require sizing up
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