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Brooks Ghost 13 Review



Runners, athletes, and everyday people aren’t complete without a good pair of shoes. Depending on how hard you execute your daily training or train at all, you need shoes that suit your lifestyle. The Brooks Ghost 13 shoes are a soft, everyday running shoe that holds up under higher-level activities. If you wonder if this versatile shoe is the match for you, keep reading, and let’s examine these daily trainers.

What are the Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoes?

The Brooks Ghost 13 are running shoes that provide plenty of cushioning and comfort; they have a neutral shoe design, both visually and in their intended activities. Brooks provides versions for both men and women, each boasting soft cushioning and a stable ride. The Ghost series touts versatility and comfort. As a result, the Ghost line is their most popular sneaker, crafted for use on the road and in the gym. Although similar to the Brooks Ghost 12 shoes, the Brooks Ghost 13 has improved on a few points to increase performance. Let’s look at how Brooks has done with their Ghost 13 running shoes!

What’s New with the Brooks Ghost 13?

One of the most noticeable differences with the Brooks Ghost 13 series is the improved midsole cushioning. It’s a softer foam that accommodates various foot shapes. Brooks accomplishes this by incorporating their DNA LOFT foam, which combines rubber, air, and EVA foam to create a balanced and flexible ride. Because Brooks extended the DNA LOFT foam soles from heel to midfoot, they also extended the rubber outsole support outside of the shoe. This helps maintain stability underneath the plushy cushion your feet rest on. The Ghost 13 also incorporates their Engineered AirMesh upper, allowing breathability while still fitting the foot snuggly and comfortably. The upper fits more accurately and snuggly than the 13’s predecessor, the Ghost 12.

Brooks Ghost 13 Overview

Now that we’ve covered some basics, let’s get into how the Brooks Ghost 13 performs and fits.

How the Brooks Ghost 13 Shoes Fit

Compared to the Ghost 12, the Ghost 13’s DNA LOFT foam midsoles cover more territory. Your heels are protected and the extra forefoot cushioning amps up the coziness factor. The cushion has seamless attachment, with the transition kept smooth and out of your way. The outsole’s rubber now extends further since it must provide support for the larger cushion area. Despite the increased amounts of rubber, this pair of shoes is not stiff. The outsole remains flexible, more so than the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21, which is a similar shoe. These shoes tend to favor a slightly wider foot, but not by much, and this doesn’t interfere with finding a good fit. The shoes generally run true to size. If you want a wider shoe, you’re in luck! Brooks has wide-fit options for all of the Ghost shoes so that you can find the perfect fit. The DNA LOFT foam is not Brooks’ lightest foam; that title belongs to the DNA Flash midsoles. If you want the most lightweight shoe Brooks has to offer, the Ghost 13 isn’t the one. It is Brooks’ most popular shoe line for runners, though, as it strikes a balance between being lightweight and maintaining stability. The midsole’s plush comfort works great if you have high arches. However, because of the foam sole’s malleable nature, these shoes work with flat feet, as well. This feature is part of what makes the Ghost series so versatile and suitable for different people. The Ghost series has maintained comfortable toe boxes throughout its run, and the Ghost 13 holds up that standard. While any runner would want this feature, it’s a great bonus for people who suffer from issues like bunions. Of course, the Ghost 13 has removable soles in case you need to insert a personalized set.

How You Should Wear Brooks Ghost 13 Shoes

The Ghost 13’s are not hiking shoes and, since their midsole is a medium height, not designed for intense speed or activities that require a lot of responsiveness. The Ghost 13 shoes are designed for running, specifically on the road. They are ideal marathon daily trainers, allowing you to run miles in comfort. While they best suit running on the road, they can still function as a neutral, low-level shoe for walking or traveling. They also suit gym trips, giving you proper support and responsiveness on the treadmill. Part of what makes this pair of shoes so appropriate for long road jogs is the Segmented Crash Pad that absorbs shock, no matter how your foot lands. The structure spans from heel to toe, breaking up incoming pressure and dispensing it so that it doesn’t impede your run.

The Look of the Brooks Ghost 13 Shoes

Although it is not the most imperative item for finding running shoes, finding a visually appealing pair is still worth considering. The great thing about the Ghost 13’s is that they also have a wide array of design options on top of being versatile in their usage and who they fit. Most styles stick to classic color combinations, such as all-white, black and blue, or black and teal. However, they sport a few funky combinations, too. But all the shoes maintain a classic and subtle look, whatever the colors or patterns you choose.


You might be looking for shoes that suit cross-country or hiking excursions, and if that’s the case, then this pair of shoes won’t work for you. However, if you want a versatile daily trainer that’s ideal for running on the road, then the Brooks Ghost 13’s are the shoes for you. They are comfortable, work with almost any kind of arch, and provide just the right amount of responsiveness without losing flexibility or softness. They are a prime example of the do-everything daily shoe that manages to do it all well. SEE ALSO: Brooks Ghost 13 GTX


Full-foot DNA LOFT cushioning
AirMesh creates great breathability
Supports multiple arch heights
OmegaFlex groove for maximum flexibility
Versatile designs for women and men


Reduced cushioning over time
Short life expectancy ~ 300 to 500 miles
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