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New Balance 880v10 Review



The New Balance 880v10 is a new version of New Balance’s most popular neutral everyday running shoes. According to New Balance’s senior creative design manager, the 880’s popularity allows only subtle changes to these shoes because many runners are in love with the current design. 

However, with the 880v10, some overdue advancements that made the shoe better for runners were necessary and welcome. Read on for a detailed New Balance Fresh Foam 880 v10 review.

New Balance 880v10 Overview

The New Balance Fresh Foam 880v10 is part of the New Balance 880 range that has been around for a decade now. It is a medium cushion shoe that is suitable for everyday runners. It is a standard shoe for every runner, including hobby joggers, long-distance runners, and faster pacers. The new version offers a combination of a great fit, feel, and support, making it a versatile trainer.

New Balance 880v10 Upper

The New Balance 880v10 features a refreshed upper made of Hypoknit material without overlays. The Hypoknit replaces engineered mesh in the previous versions of the 880 and offers runners a dynamic fit, deep texture, and breathability. 

The Hypoknit upper also gives the shoe an excellent structure and does not pinch or bunch up. In addition, the medium heel fit with a non-slip grip leads to a relatively narrow midfoot and a roomy forefoot, which perfectly hugs the foot. 

Additionally, the upper is knit thicker where you need extra support and thinner where you require minimal support. It has a traditional thickly padded heel tab, collar, and tongue, which makes the shoe suitable for different shapes and sizes of feet but too warm and uncomfortable when it’s hot.

Many reviewers think the toe box is too tapered, especially on the lateral side, compared to other versions, like 880v9. However, the firm heel counter made of plastic adds to the shoe’s stability and keeps your foot locked down. The advantage of this is that you do not lose stability if you roll inwards or outwards. 

New Balance 880v10 Insole

The former versions of the New Balance 880 only had a few form layers, which were not enough. For instance, the New Balance 860 has one thin layer of soft, fresh form, which gives the shoe a little cushioning. 

This new version uses more Fresh Foam X cushioning that is soft and plush, and it is enhanced with pockets of EVA rubber cushioning for compression resistance. The combination of Fresh Foam X and a bit of EVA absorbs shock while providing a lightweight and responsive ride and ultimate medium cushioning and firmness for runners.

New balance applies a hexagon pattern to decide where and how to incorporate different foam densities, enabling them to create a smoother and more responsive base for different foot strike patterns. The foam tech makes it the perfect shoe for everyday purposes. It is versatile for most runs and allows easy transitions between different paces, including slow and fast paces.

New Balance 880v10 Outsole

The New Balance 880v10 has a thick and durable contact rubber sole that is wide to give runners a broader landing base. In addition, the stick firm rubber allows the shoe to transition well on different surfaces, including pavements, bark trails, gym surfaces, dirt trails, and rocky grounds. 

The shoe also has an improved flex groove that gives you good propulsion off the ground no matter where you strike. Furthermore, the sole uses a hexagon design similar to the foam design to support and grip. The extra grip allows you to reach for these shoes when rainy or muddy because you are confident you won’t slip.

New Balance 880v10 Ride and Performance

The ride from the 880v10 is secure and stable whether you’re running uphill, downhill, or on flat surfaces. You will also enjoy an exciting and agile ride at slower paces and more traction as you pick up the pace, go up an inclination, or in rainy weather. 

The Hypoknit upper allows breathing and the right amount of moving room. The cushioning gives you a cloudy feel as you push off the ground, enhancing the shoe’s comfort and support and ensuring your feet are not fatigued after a run. 

Unfortunately, this New Balance 880 version is heavier than its predecessors but remains very responsive with a quick transition.

Who Is Suitable for the New Balance 880v10?

I recommend it as a daily trainer for long runs, moderate, slow, and fast paces, recovery days, or new runners looking for a do-it-all shoe. These shoes are also suitable for people who overpronate when they run, thanks to their sturdy external heel counter, firm rubber outsole, moderately thick midsole, and flexible yet supportive upper.

It is an all-weather and all-season shoe made to protect your foot over hundreds of miles that will make almost every runner very happy and content. 

New Balance 880v10 Final Verdict

It was love at first wear with these shoes, thanks to the step-in feel and perfect fit that’s not too roomy or too snug. In addition, the shoe provides adequate support, a neutral feel, no need to fiddle with the laces, and the right amount of cushioning for a smooth and comfortable ride. 

The cushion level of the 880v10 sits right below the highly cushioned New Balance 1080v10 and feels better as you don’t sink into it. However, the 880v10 is not a speedy show. Thus it remains to be a reliable everyday shoe. This New Balance 880v10 review tells you all you need to know about the neutral running shoe before ordering your perfect pair today.


Perfectly cushioned and not mushy
Wide and stable platform
Availability of various whips, making more accessible for a variety of foot shapes
Great fit thanks to the refreshed upper
Uncomfortably puffy tongue and heel cap


Rather heavy
Uncomfortably puffy tongue and heel cap
Shoe may wear quickly
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