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Even extreme cold weather cannot stop a dedicated runner from putting in miles around the neighborhood. To keep themselves warm and protected from the cold weather, they either wear a snug hoodie or wear a pair of the Best running pants. But, what about their hands?

Your hands are often the worst part of running in cold weather. If your hands are cold or wet, it can make you feel colder overall and if it gets painful enough it can distract you from putting in meaningful miles. Luckily running gloves have come a long way in the past few years and are loaded with features such as waterproofing, breathability and sweat-wicking capability, so you can get your miles without worrying about painfully cold digits.

Best Running Gloves

Whether you are preparing to run a marathon or just performing your regular morning routine, you will need a good pair of gloves for running this winter to keep your hands warm. Below we have detailed reviews of our top selected brands so that you can choose the best running gloves for you.

1. New Balance Lightweight Running Gloves

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New Balance aims to provide advanced performance in its products and services to all athletes. With a perfect combination of fashion and function, they consistently provide you with the style and features you require. 

The lightweight New Balance running gloves are no exception and can add a stylish look to your whole outfit. While they were created for runners, you can use the gloves for other activities, including working out, hiking, volleyball, or biking. 

Not only are they fashionable, they are technologically advanced as well. With touchscreen-compatible fingertips, they allow you to make calls or even click selfies to post on your social media.

Made with 5 percent Spandex and 95 percent Polyester blend, these running gloves create an exceptionally smooth fleece and have a gripper design on the palm, which provides a firm grip in all types of weather conditions. Additionally, they are water-resistant and easy to clean and wash.

While these gloves are thin, we found these gloves provide sufficient protection and warmth on our coldest runs. If it warms up and your hands start sweating mid-run don’t worry, they are fabricated with antimicrobial properties, which protect the gloves from strong odors. Being lightweight and soft, they are so comfortable and flexible you might forget you are wearing them.



2. Smartwool Merino Sport Fleece Wind Training Glove

An image of smartwool merino sport fleece wind training glove

Smartwool started their journey by manufacturing ski socks which can handle the harsh weather and keep your toes warm. The socks were made from Merino wool. From there, they found several benefits of Merino wool. The wool is thermo-regulating, soft, sustainable, and moisture-wicking. 

Now, they have running gloves made with Marino Wool to provide long-lasting comfort and warmth in the cold weather. The wool is naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial, and moisture-wicking; they will protect against the odor even after you take them off after a long day.

The gloves have reflective piping detailing, which allows safe visibility even in low light situations. Therefore, you can enjoy your running or any other outdoor activity even after the sun has set. 

The touchscreen compatibility for index finger and thumb provides you with the convenience to use your mobile phone without removing the gloves. Moreover, the windproof overlays at the back of the hand will not let any cold air slip inside the gloves. 

Lastly, the silicone grippers on the fingers and palm will provide an additional edge to perform your outdoor winter activities efficiently. Whether you want to go for snowboarding, skiing, or hiking, the gloves will be your best companion.



3. Tracksmith Inverno Running Gloves

An image of tracksmith inverno running gloves

The running gloves become an essential accessory when the temperature starts to fall down. Crafted from a sweat-wicking and warm fabric from Italy, Tracksmith Inverno gloves are your go-to running gloves. 

The gloves are designed to fulfill the two essential requirements of all enthusiastic runners. As many runners carry phones with them to communicate or even listen to the playlist while running and working out, the gloves have to be touchscreen compatible. Therefore, you have phone tips on your forefinger and thumb.

Secondly, many people have a habit of wiping their mouth and nose with their hands during the cold-weather runs. The running comes with a reversed fabric on the forefinger and thumb such that the soft bristles can be used to wipe your face. Moreover, the fabric will not itch or cause any irritation on your skin.

The smooth and durable Inverno blend prevents moisture while providing sufficient warmth to your skin. Moreover, the gloves are made with a blend of elastane and micro-nylon, which dries quickly. 



4. Brooks Carbonite Running Glove

An image of Brooks Carbonite Glove Luminosity

Brooks Running is known for designing and manufacturing high-performance and durable men and women’s sporting accessories in the market. They were previously named for manufacturing the best running shoes, and now they are at the top for producing the best running gloves. 

Run for an extra mile without freezing and feeling your fingers on the way with Brooks Carbonite gloves. Made with DriLayer fabric, it offers you enough warmth as well as sweat-wicking features for your long run. Moreover, the fabric can handle stretches for the maximum motion. 

To provide sufficient visibility in the dark, the glove is equipped with 3M carbon black reflectivity. The contrasting colors let others know your presence and allow you to run and workout even when there is no sunlight. Having tech compatible fingertips, you can comfortably use your phone to make calls and send messages. 

The windproof material will lock the air outside while keeping your hands warm all the time. Also, the fabric is water-resistant; it will protect the gloves and make them dry quickly.



5. TrailHeads Power Stretch Lightweight Running Gloves

An image of TrailHeads Men's Power Stretch Touchscreen Running Gloves

With creative designs and commitment to providing ultimate performance, style, comfort, and fit, TrailHeads includes everything you need in a running glove. Whether you would like to go for hiking, running, skiing, or even just walking in the cold weather, the running gloves will make your time outside enjoyable and comfortable.

The Polartec Power Stretch Pro fabric offers a four-way stretch featuring a smooth and highly durable outside layer that is windproof. Moreover, the gloves are lightweight and come with soft and moisture-wicking bristles. The inner layer of the gloves also offers exceptional thermal efficiency.

To make the glove touchscreen compatible, it is layered with a conductive fabric on the forefinger and thumb tips. You can conveniently use the glove to change your playlist, call, or even text while your fingers are warm inside. Additionally, the silicone diamond-shaped palm grips let you hold the mobile firmly.

Wiping your face with any ordinary glove can lead to itchiness and even scratches. However, that does not happen with Trailheads running gloves. The backside of the glove hand has an additional layering of terry cloth brow wipe, which offers a soft and smooth touch. 



6. Nike Sphere 360 Running Gloves

An image of nike 360 mens sphere running gloves

Are you looking for a pair of running gloves that offer a cool look which is durable and functional, you need to take a look at Nike Sphere 360 gloves. It is a popular choice among the new and old runners alike. All thanks to its soft material and lightweight design, it keeps your hands warm and dry for a long time.

The running gloves are made from polyester blend fabric, providing sufficient warmth to your hands. The fabric circulates the heat inside while providing lightweight warmth. Additionally, the Dri-Fit technology prevents moisture from accumulating inside the gloves and keeps your hands dry. 

If you are worried that the gloves might lose their strength and flexibility in cold weather, then Nike Sphere 360 gloves include weather-resistant properties. It will protect the fabric and maintain the gloves’ mobility and flexibility even after long runs.

The touch screen compatibility and silicone grip patterns let you hold and use your mobile phones conveniently. Also, the reflective graphics allows visibility in the dark.



7. Under Armour Liner 2.0 Gloves

A picture of under armour liner 2.0 gloves

Keeping your hands dry and warm is your ultimate goal in cold weather. Under Armour Liner 2.0 gloves will let you achieve this goal with its exceptional Storm technology. It resists snow and rain without compromising breathability. 

These are thin and fitted liner gloves which you can normally wear or under the thick gloves in extremely cold weather. The running gloves come with a mitten cover, which offers great warmth in extreme weather. The extra mitt part will not feel bulky and can be stored safely in the warmer temperatures. 

It comes with an extended glove’s cuff; you can easily tuck the gloves in your sweater or jacket for extra warmth and snug fit. Moreover, the Touchscreen compatibility allows you to use your mobile phone, smartwatch, or even table without taking off the gloves. 

The gloves come with mini and handy clips. You can easily clip and store them together for later use. 



8. The North Face Salty Dog Etip Gloves

A picture of The North Face Men's Etip Gloves

If you would like a decent pair of lightweight gloves with which you can do your daily trail adventures, North Face Salty Dog Etip Gloves are your best choice. Made with soft synthetic knit, your hands will receive enough warmth and comfort.

The Etip technology and functionality will let you use all your touchscreen gadgets, including mobile phones, tablets with ease. Moreover, the Suede palm grip offers a comfortable grip to hold your water bottle, phone, or any other essential on your run. 

The gloves will provides protection against wind and moisture due to weather-resistant properties and soft-shell on the back of the hand. The brushed fleece is soft on your skin, which you can use to wipe your mouth and nose. 

The reflective logos on the gloves offer night visibility. All in all, the gloves are made to carry out any outside activities. If you are not running, you can casually wear the gloves to provide warmth and protection to your hands. 



9. Patagonia Wind Shield Running Gloves

An image of Patagonia Wind Shield Gloves

Wear the Patagonia Wind Shield Gloves before you carry out your advanced aerobic activities in the cold weather. The wind-blocking, low-profile Wind shields are made to provide utmost protection and dexterity. 

With windproof layering on the backside of the glove locks the air outside and circulate the heat inside. The gloves are made from pure recycled polyester with an additional layer of polyurethane film. The film provides water-repellent properties while resisting moisture altogether. 

The fabric offers wicking and breathability on the palm, wrists, and along with the fingers. Moreover, the gloves lock the odor with Polygiene permanent technology. Being certified by bluedesign approved, the fabric offers exceptional durability and flexibility.

Apart from that, it provides you with a durable grip on the thumb, palm, middle, and index fingers with microsuede material. Also, it is a touchscreen compatible with index fingers and thumb.



Things To Consider When Choosing Running Gloves

When it comes to picking a pair of running gloves, there are many essential features that you need to keep in mind. The following are the most important things that you need to consider when updating your gear.


Your gloves should be comfortable while you wear them so you can focus on running. The gloves should feel like a second layer of skin that is snug but not too tight. Though the running gloves are made for cold weather, you should be able to wear them in multiple seasons. 

Comfort does not have to come at the expense of durability. You should look for running gloves that are comfortable, but well-made and durable enough for all season use.  


Another essential thing to consider is how breathable your running gloves are. You should look for gloves that are relatively ventilated. Your hands should not get too sweaty or hot when you are running for an extended period. 

Weather Resistance

Another crucial thing is how well your running gloves can protect you from the outside elements. The running gloves should be both wind and waterproof. Where winds can make your hands cold, and you would not like your hands to get wet while running.

Therefore, it is necessary to have materials which can add a layer of protection against the harsh weather conditions.


Generally, the running gloves are constructed from a synthetic blend. The most used fabrics include acrylic, polypropylene, fleece, and polyester. Each fabric offers different breathability, wind, sweat-wicking features that are worth noticing when choosing running gloves.

  • Polyester: Polyester offers relatively high sweat-wicking and breathability features that keep your hands comfortable and dry while maintaining enough warmth.
  • Fleece: Some gloves come with a fleece panel on the exterior of the glove as terry cloth. It is used to wipe away any sweat on your face. Also, it is extremely warm. 
  • Acrylic: Acrylic-elastane is moderately warm, stretchy, and breathable. 
  • Polypropylene: The material offers exceptional water and wind-proofing features. However, it lacks in moisture-wicking and breathability department. 

Touchscreen Compatible

While running, you don’t have to remove the gloves every time to use the smartphone. Some of the gloves are equipped with conductive pads on forefingers and thumb, allowing you to navigate through your phone to make calls, reply to messages, and perform other functions.

Frequently Asked Questions

At What Temperature Do You Need Gloves?

If the temperature goes down to 45 degrees, you will require a thin pair of gloves. When it is colder and below 35 degrees or raining, you will need a thermal or insulated pair of running gloves. 

Final Thoughts

Running gloves are definitely worth the purchase and let you continue your training routine without any interruptions from cold weather. In addition, a good pair of winter running shoes can be invaluable. Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to get back out there. See you on the trails.



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