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Do you find yourself struggling to keep up with your workout routine during the frosty winter mornings? If so, a cozy and reliable running beanie would be a great add-on to your winter gear. During the winter months, when the temperature drops, it is essential to remain warm as you go for long runs.

Running Beanies are ultra-light and keep your head dry and cool due to moisture-wicking features. A snug fit design keeps the cap in place and prevents it from moving when you run through trailheads. Reflective paneling features offer better visibility even in low light conditions common during early winter mornings. 

After conducting detailed market research, we have come up with the best running beanies to keep you warm during cold winters. We based our reviews on style, comfort, performance, warmth, and price while compiling this list of the best products available on the market today to help you tackle extreme conditions.

Best Running Beanie

1. New Balance Lightweight Skullcap

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New Balance Lightweight Skullcap makes use of 3D stretch technology, which gives this hat better mobility. It has a great shape retention feature even after continuous wear and repeated washings. The skullcap provides extreme comfort as it consists of high-quality polyester jersey fabrics. The material helps you to remain cool and dry as you engage in your daily activities. 

Additionally, the fabric is custom designed to provide a better workout session by maintaining your temperature levels. The material also features a moisture-wicking headband that helps you keep the moisture away from your forehead. Due to the snug fit, the cap won’t keep moving around as you keep running. Since you can easily wear it under a helmet, it’s suitable for winter sports athletes as well.




This tough headwear is machine washable and will last for a long time with proper care. Moreover, it’s available in a size that’s suitable for all.

2. Brooks Greenlight Beanie

An image of Brooks Greenlight Beanie

Brooks Greenlight Beanie consists of a DriLayer of 81% polyester material and 19% spandex blend fabric. With a circumference of 20 inches, this running beanie fits onto your head perfectly like a swimming cap or skullcap. This product’s snug fit style keeps it securely in place, thereby allowing you to steer well through the chilly winter runs.

This pull-on beanie is specially designed using a DriLayer sweat-wicking material that keeps sweat away from your skin and gives you a dry feel. Also, the reflectivity feature enhances visibility, even during low light conditions. Thanks to UPF 50+ protection, this cap safeguards the top of your head and ears from harmful ultraviolet rays.




This streamlined running beanie is easier to maintain, as you can throw it into the washing machine and even tumble dry. When it becomes too warm, you can easily store it away in your pocket.

3. Under Armour Men's Run Beanie

An image of under armour men's run beanie

Under Armour Men’s Run Beanie is a versatile option for running enthusiasts. This snug fit is a must-have in your wardrobe to keep you warm during long wintery runs. The fabric consists of 46% polyester and 54% cotton material that gives your head a warm and soft feel. 

The presence of a moisture-wicking feature prevents the top of your head from getting overheated and keeps sweat away from your forehead. This gives you a cool and dry feel as you run for long periods. The cap remains in position due to the secure fit style and does not wobble around, giving it a sleek and modern look.




Under Armour Men’s Run Beanie offers sufficient protection and proper ear cover, which keeps you safe, even during blustery conditions. When it comes to maintenance, this soft beanie is machine washable and features a four-way stretch construction that enables you to pull it in any direction.

4. Adidas Creator II Beanie

An image of adidas Men's Creator II Beanie

Adidas Men’s Creator Beanie ensures excellent breathability as it consists of a combination of ClimaWarm yarns and ClimaWarm mesh. This running beanie consists of 60% acrylic material with a 40% polyester lining. 

The ClimaWarm mesh offers a moisture-wicking technology that evaporates your skin moisture content, giving you a dry and cool experience. As for the ClimaWarm yarns, it provides a soft and cozy feel during the winter months.




The beanie displays their sports logo at the cuff with a three-stripe detail on the sides. You will also find them at a size that is a perfect fit for all.

5. Nike Dri-FIT Running Beanie

An image of Nike Men's Dri FIT Running Beanie

Nike Dri-FIT Running Beanie is one of the best options for running athletes. This beanie consists of 88% polyester and 12% spandex material, which provides sufficient insulation. The perforated design keeps your head from getting overheated as it enables the excess heat to escape without any hindrance. 

The Dri-FIT technology fabric’s presence offers excellent breathability and helps you run in the cold without feeling any discomfort. The thermal lining provides a soft feel, and the reflective details provide enhanced visibility.




The moisture-wicking fabric keeps your head dry and warm as you run for extended periods. The stretchy fabric keeps the cap in place, so you don’t have to adjust or keep pulling it as you run.

6. Outdoor Research Wind Pro Hat

An image Outdoor Research Beanie

Outdoor Research Wind Pro Hat is an excellent option for running enthusiasts who head out for long runs during the winter months. It consists of a hard-faced fleece that contains 90% polyester and 10% spandex material.

Additionally, the fabric is packable, resistant to wind, and water-repellent. When it comes to construction, it contains a segmented crown and double-layered fabric material on the earband.




The hat features Polartec Wind Pro technology to withstand a frigid climate for a warm and cozy feel. Moreover, the product is easy to maintain as it’s machine washable and resistant to abrasions.

7. Saucony Solstice Beanie

An image of Saucony Solstice Beanie

The Saucony Solstice Beanie gives your head a comfortable feel as you run for miles during extremely cold winters. With an ergonomic design, this beanie offers extra coverage for your ears. The brushed lining material ensures a soft feel. The moisture-wicking technology keeps the sweat at bay and keeps you dry. 

This winter running beanie consists of 21% spandex and 79% recycled polyester material. The fleece fabric on the inside enhances the warmth without adding weight or making it feel bulky.




This beanie’s reflectivity feature offers an added benefit – as it provides excellent visibility and safety even during low light conditions. You don’t have to worry about any irritation or rubbing as the internal seams are flat.

8. Outdoor Essentials Skull Cap Helmet Liner & Running Beanie

An image of outdoor essentials skullcap running beanie

If the harsh winters can’t stop you from running miles, it’s essential to have the Outdoor Essentials Skull Cap Helmet Liner & Running Beanie Hat in your wardrobe. 

The helmet liner keeps sweat away from your eyes by soaking up the moisture content. This makes it a suitable option for heavy sweaters and extreme athletes. 

The moisture activated cooling material of this running beanie gives your head a cool feel. The UPF 50+ factor of the cap protects your head from harmful ultraviolet rays.




This hat is easy to maintain as it’s machine washable and dries quickly on its own. Also, they are available in different shades. 

Guide to Buying the Perfect Running Beanie Hat

While hunting for the perfect running beanie, you need to consider various factors to avoid any discomfort as your run. Picking the right one not only gives a sleek look but also protects your skull and ears from biting cold blasts. 

Here are some of the aspects you need to keep an eye out for:


Running beanies are available in different fabrics that range from natural to man-made materials. The extremely luxurious materials include cashmere, soft merino wool, and alpaca. The less costly ones include cotton, fleece, and wool combos such as Acrylic, nylon, and other materials.

Running beanies are made from fine natural materials that have a soft texture and excellent breathability. As for the thick synthetic fabrics, they lack breathability and make you sweat profusely. However, they are great options for those who are allergic to natural animal hair and work great during harsh winter conditions.


It is essential to wear running beanies of the right thickness to prevent your skull from freezing due to harsh cold climatic conditions. Also, make sure that the cap suits your head circumference to give a snug fit. You will have to keep adjusting or pulling it as you run, thereby decreasing your overall performance.  


A good ventilation system is a significant aspect you need to look out for while selecting your running hat. Individuals tend to perspire as they run, and it can get irritable if the sweat enters your eyes. Studies show that individuals tend to lose around 10% of body heat through the head. To keep your head from getting overheated, you need to opt for caps that breathe well and come with moisture-wicking technology. This will help your head remain dry throughout the workout session. 


The durability of the cap depends on the quality of the materials and seams present. Some products feature double stitching and reinforced seams for excellent durability. The most durable options are available either in wool or polyester fabrics.

Wind Resistance

During winters, a well-insulated beanie will keep your body warm and safeguards your head from strong windy blasts. We recommend opting for wool caps that protect your ears as well, to ensure extra comfort and warmth. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I wash my beanie?

Experts say it’s advisable to wash your running beanies at least once a month. If you are someone who uses your running skullcap daily or wears makeup each time you use your beanie, you will have to wash it once a week for hygiene reasons.

Why do runners wear hats?

Running during the extreme winter months can expose you to harsh climatic conditions and the sun’s harmful rays. To protect your head from freezing, chilly windy blasts, sunburn, and excessive sweating, runners wear hats during outdoor activities. It also allows you to stay cool and dry, keeps your hair in place, and gives you a modern and sleek look. 

Should a beanie cover your ears?

Though covering your ears is a personal choice, it’s advisable to opt for a running hat that’s low enough to completely cover your ears. This protects your ears from frostbite and strong cold winds.


A Running Beanie is an essential accessory to keep yourself safe if you are an enthusiastic winter runner. As the temperatures dip, if your head is not fully protected, it can have a drastic impact on your running performance. 

Our best choice goes to Outdoor Research Wind Pro Hat, as it offers a great comfort and protection level to the runners. 

Whether you opt for a reliable hat or a versatile snug fit, make sure to get a durable option from our list of best running beanies above. 

Happy Running!



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