Running is the best exercise for everyone, young or old. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on gym memberships or complex exercise routines. Just put on your most comfortable sneakers and running gear, and you can run any time of the day while listening to your favorite music.

Whether you are a beginner or preparing for the next marathon, running is an exercise you can do year-round. Hence the gear becomes an important factor- it should suit all kinds of climatic changes and help you feel comfortable. Sunny summer days, windy afternoons, or brutal winter mornings, your best running pants should help you run comfortably without restricting your range of motions.

Running pants of today are well designed to suit the modern runner. You will not break a sweat even after a strenuous running activity. These pants can be worn while lounging around or in other casual settings, too.

Scientists pay a lot of attention to fine details when creating new running pants. We have gone through the entire selection on the market today to come up with our recommendations. Product quality, material or fabric, performance and comfort, user reviews, and looks – all of these factors have been evaluated while choosing the perfect running pants.

Best Running Pants

1. Baleaf Tapered Athletic Running Pants

An image of baleaf tapered athletic running pants

These pants include Dri-Fit technology, which will help you feel comfortable without sweating during a run. The absence of friction between the thighs helps you run easily. They are made of polyester and French soft fabric. Pockets help you carry your stuff around while running. Absorbs sweat and is breathable and helps you stay dry.



2. Asics Thermal XP Slim Running Pants

An image of asics thermal xp slim running pants

Best price in the category. These pants have a built-in mechanism of insulation that can trap heat and help you stay warm during the winter months. The slim fit helps to make your body look sharp. They have a water repellent outer layer, and the inner layer is breathable and absorbent.



3. Arc’teryx Incendo Trail Running Pants

A picture of arc'teryx incendo trail running pants

This is a lightweight pair of pants that are designed for cool and windy conditions. They can also protect against UV exposure. The pants are made of Aquarii™ material that is stretchy, soft, and water-resistant too. Airflow prevents overheating and allows the runner to feel free.



4. Brooks Rush Jogger Running Pants

An image of Brooks Men's Rush Jogger

These pants are a relaxed fit design and are lightweight, easy, and comfortable to wear. A moisture-wicking, inner fleece lining helps keep you dry even after vigorous exercise. Stretchy fabric and design help make moving and running very easy. They are not water-resistant, though.



5. Salomon Bonatti WP Running Pants

An image of Salomon Bonatti WP Pants

As the name says, these are waterproof pants. They offer excellent wetness protection and the fabric is breathable. These pants allow a lot of stretch and are meant to be used outdoors, even mountain running. The legs have long zippers and small pockets. They are ultra-lightweight and are reasonably priced for the comfort provided.



6. New Balance Athletics Archive Running Pants

An image of new balance athletics archive running pants

These pants are made with French terry cotton fabric. This allows for plenty of flexibility. The stretchable material is designed to keep the body warm while running on a cool day. At the same time, it also helps when working out during summer, as the material is breathable. Moisture-wicking technology helps to keep the body cool by absorbing the sweat.



7. ASICS Men’s Hybrid Pant Running Apparel

A image of a man in the ASICS Men's Hybrid Pant Running Apparel

These solid pair of pants are created using stretch nylon, making them water-resistant. They have reflective graphics, and zippered hand pockets to keep items inside safe. These workout pants have a streamlined fit and has leg openings that are fitted with ankle zippers. The slim fit style helps to keep the body cool and provides ample flexibility.



8. Under Armour Qualifier Speedpocket Running Pants

An image of under armour qualifier speedpocket running pants

The pant material is very soft and easily expanded with a highly-elastic waistband. The most useful feature is the pocket which helps keep your phone safe by preventing bouncing. The pants are water-resistant, easy to wear, have a tapered fit and a four-way stretch which allows shape retention and optimal movement.



9. Lululemon Running Pants

An image of lululemon running pants in black

These are called running pants and yet can be used for yoga, lounging, spinning, gym workouts or any activity that helps you stay fit. They are very flexible and made using soft and stretchy premium material. Breathable fabric is used to help keep the body dry. The fabric absorbs sweat and allows the body to feel fresh for a long time.



10. Nike Dri-FIT Flex Running Pants

An image of Nike Men's Park 20 Pant in black

The Nike Flex fabric uses Dri-FIT technology that helps keep the body dry during even the most strenuous exercises. There is a mesh lining that will help you stay cool during and after exercise. These comfortable pants are very popular in this category. Sweat and moisture evaporate away instantly as the fabric allows maximum breathability and has great moisture management.



What To Look For in Running Pants

The different brands of pants mentioned here use the latest technology and are constantly being innovated. One must choose based on personal comfort and the climatic conditions of a geographic area. Here is what you should look for in running pants:-


The most critical aspect is material, as it is the base fabric that will decide the style, design, comfort, and quality of the final product. Some of the standard fabrics are-

Polyester: this is the most common synthetic material used in running pants. It can be sold under different brand names and may also be used with other combinations like terry cloth or cotton. Moisture-wicking qualities make it perfectly suited for running pants. Combining with other fabrics makes it more suitable for a wide range weather conditions and uses like winter, summer, running, trekking, etc.

Merino wool: This is a technical fabric that has quick drying properties in addition to being moisture-wicking. It is very soft and has antimicrobial properties that help fight odors. Merino wool can regulate temperature well. It can keep you cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather.

Nylon: This is a quick-drying fabric. It can be blended with other fabrics or used on its own. This fabric also has moisture-wicking qualities that make it suitable for running gear. It is very durable and can be washed and used frequently. It adds to the water-resistant quality of clothes too. 

Pants made for winter runs should have a double layer or an inner lining, making them warmer. The outside layer should be durable and water repellent so that you can run at any time of the year. The fabric should be wind protective and help in your gliding movements. 


Fit is a personal choice, but the actual fit of running pants is essential as it aids in smooth movement while running. Compression tights provide very critical support to the muscles. Therefore you should choose those if you have a high-intensity regime in mind. These would form the base layer, and then you can wear a pair of pants over them.

Remember that running pants are different from yoga pants. The color, fit, design, and material will be different in the two types of garments. 

Four-way stretch fabric is essential as the pants should allow freedom of movement and not become disfigured after wearing or repeated washing. Jogger pants should be easy to wear and remove as you don’t want to stay in sweatpants longer than you need. It would be best if you bought a pair of pants with a sturdy and elastic waistband or a drawstring that can be adjusted to your size. 

Choose the pants that make you feel comfortable and look good on you. It has been scientifically proven that compression pants help in the muscles’ muscle protection and recovery process. You will recover faster and will be able to maintain the pace of your training with this kind of pants.

Wind Resistance

This is another essential aspect to look into as it helps run smoothly, faster, and longer distances. This feature of the pants will help you when the weather is not favorable, and you don’t want to skip your run for any reason. The fabric and fit will help you move gracefully against the wind without really working too hard. The lighter fabrics like nylon and polyester embrace the body and do not resist the movement. 

Key Features of Running Pants

An infographic image showing the important features of running pants - Runtrails

The key features that you must check before deciding on the track pants.

Moisture-wicking: These fabrics help to take the perspiration away from the skin. So, you will feel dry and not sticky while you’re running.

Quick-drying fabrics will keep you comfortable as you work-out. These fabrics dry quickly even after light rain, and you will not feel the heaviness or dampness.

Some pants have a good SPF: This protects against the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. A higher number means better protection for you if you intend to run in a sunny area or during the day.

The inner lining is essential. Some running shorts and pants have an inner liner that can act as the underwear. It helps to prevent chafing between the thighs while running. It will also help to keep your lower limbs dry and snug while running. You may not feel it, but your legs also sweat after vigorous exercise. 

The seams should be smooth and should not bother your skin. These should also prevent chafing.

The pockets are essential as you need to carry some essential items all the time. The pocket should be big enough to carry an ID card, credit or debit cards, keys, and maybe a mobile device. The pockets should have zippers and be bounce free.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why spend more on a pair of running pants?

You don’t have to splurge on a pair of running pants or go over the budget as many different styles of affordable pants are available on the market. Choose one that fulfills the criteria and fits your body. The pants that you buy should be durable and justify the money spent. 

What is the best material for running pants?

The best material for running pants is nylon, polyester, merino wool, or a blend of one or more with some other material. Moisture-wicking fabric with soft fibers and flexibility will provide maximum advantage to a runner. 

Do you wear shorts with running tights? 

Running tights usually fit snugly. If the material is very thin, it cannot protect you against the wind. Most of these are transparent at the same time. That is why you should wear a pair of shorts with the pair of tights.

Should I wear underwear with my running tights or pants?

Tights are usually made of thin material that fits snugly. The synthetic fabric is see-through most of the time. It is advisable to wear underwear with running tights. Some pants come with an inner lining and adequate support, so you may avoid wearing the same. 

What are the benefits of running tights vs. pants?

The flexibility of tights will help run more smoothly. They fit snugly and help to keep the legs warm, in addition to providing muscle compressions. Tights are stretchy and flexible and can be layered with shorts and even pants. Running pants tend to be more comfortable. But at times, their loose movement hinders running faster. Also, loose pants may not protect you against wind and rain. 


Running pants are not a fad. They are essential to staying fit, whether you run or exercise, as long as you follow a routine. A good pair of running pants complement running shoes and should be able to energize and motivate you to maintain pace regardless of the weather or your mood. Stay well dressed and stay fit! 

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