Cambivo Knee Braces and Supports Reviewed

Don’t let knee problems get the best of you. Millions of people across the world struggle with bad knees and find themselves constantly justifying a day off because their knees could get the better of them. While it’s important to take care of your knees, especially when you have existing problems, it’s just as important to keep them in shape and healthy. If you’re not working out your knees or any other part of your body for that matter, things are only going to get worse. To get you back on your feet and right back into the action of the workout, you need one of the best knee brace or strap products available on the market. There are thousands of devices out there that all promise the same thing, but few are able to deliver. We wanted to take a look at one of the top exercise compression gear brands on the market to see how their products stood compared to their competitors. Our review of Cambivo brand equipment focused on their knee brace and knee strap so that we could find an answer to the question we posed in the beginning. Here is our honest review of Cambivo and their knee brace and strap.


A relative newcomer to the game, Cambivo have quickly proven themselves to be a force in the compression industry. They’ve made quite a few waves with their variations of compression socks and yoga equipment. Critics and consumers alike agree that the products offered by Cambivo are some of the best they’ve used. But what is it that makes this young company so exciting? The most exciting part about Cambivo is how they spread their knowledge. They understand that exercise alone isn’t going to get you to the healthy place you’re looking to be and one quick glance at their blog showcases that ideal. They promote healthy eating, different lifestyles, and ways to use their products that aren’t involving working out. Their products are versatile and their brand is fresh. But what about their knee protection gear? Cambivo has already proven themselves with the compression socks – which seem to be the face of their brand – but how do people looking for a solution to their knee problems fare? Well, our review of their top two knee-related products should showcase the hope for knee solutions that Cambivo offers.

Cambivo Knee Brace

This product is a mash-up of stretchy, yet compressing materials for the ultimate flex compression. This means that you’ll fit well into the knee brace without much difficulty, but once it’s on, it’s ready to go to work. Nylon, latex, and spandex are the three main materials that offer that intense compression and protection which allows you to move and breathe while safely working out.

Swelling and inflammation are actively reduced by this product to prevent any pain before, during, or after the workout. The best feature of this product in our opinion was the anti-slip silicone surrounding the top and bottom of the brace. An issue with most knee braces is how they slip and slide off after a quick movement or a couple of steps on the treadmill.

The silicone prevents any movement so that your knees are properly protected and you aren’t left constantly adjusting the whole time you’re working out. With these knee braces, all of your favorite activities are back on the table. We tested them for basketball, running, tennis, and soccer to see how well they kept the knee safe, and we can tell you they are the real deal.

Cambivo advertises these as the perfect addition to your work out, not the solution for your knee problems, and we couldn’t agree more. Don’t go into the knee brace expecting it to fix your knees – no knee brace has that ability, yet – but think of this as more of an aid for getting back on your feet and returning to the activities you once loved to do.

Cambivo Knee Strap

Any issues that you might be experiencing with internal knee muscles can be aided with the knee strap. Much like the knee brace, this little device is better suited for assisting in exercises. If you’re struggling with ailments like tendinitis or arthritis, then you should consider seeing a physical therapist as they’ll be able to get you healthy again. The knee strap will assist you along the way.

Knee straps are fantastic at adding localized pressure to prevent the strain or swelling of any muscles or tendons below the knee. They compress your knee and protect you from inflammation or any possible damage that could come from overuse. The Cambivo knee strap utilizes the latest developments that a knee strap can offer. You can get back on track with this little strap.

It’s easy to adjust and comfortable to wear. The biggest issue that we’ve found with most knee straps is their use of Velcro which can often spill over and cause irritation or itchiness. With the Cambivo – while they still use Velcro – they do a fantastic job at limiting the amount so that it doesn’t cause irritation in the knee. However, it’s still strong enough that you don’t have to worry about the strap coming undone.

Not only does it fit and adjust well, but it’s actually comfortable to wear. Many knee straps can be difficult to find the sweet spot with, but this device makes it simple. Adjust it to the proper sizing and you’ll feel like it’s not even there. Get back on track to working out with the fantastic Cambivo knee strap, one of our favorite products from their store.

Cambivo makes some incredible products that are sure to satisfy and help you out when it comes to any knee problems. While most braces and straps provide a band-aid, these two products become the perfect assist to your road to recovery. Get back on your feet and feel secure doing it with the Cambivo knee brace and knee strap.

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