A picture of under armour liner 2.0 gloves

Under Armour Liner 2.0 Gloves

Under Armour is the most recognized and famous sports brand among millions of athletes and fitness freaks. With the help of incredible technologies, they have innovated some excellent products for their users. 

They offer a vast range of collections for everything. From your clothing, footwear to backpacks, headphones, watches, and more, they have everything in their collection to make your fitness journey awesome.

The Comfortable Fit

Among all the outstanding accessories they offer, Under Armour Liner 2.0 gloves come under their best products. How amazing it would be if you don’t have to remove your gloves before tossing the basketball into the basket or before lifting the dumbles on freezing days. The Liner 2.0 gloves manufactured by Under Armour enables you to do so.

The Material 

These exceptional gloves are made of 87% polyester and 13% elastane. This combination of materials is well thought to allow you to take a tight hold of things, unlike other warmers that let them slip away from your hands. 

The ultra-soft knit fabric with a smooth exterior will make you feel like you are not wearing anything on your palm. Also, the plush interior will give you the exact amount of warmth required.

Fits Your Hands Perfectly 

These hand warmers feature ribbed wrist cuffs to clench your wrists so that it fits your hands perfectly. The cuffs offer you enhanced protection and snug, so do not worry about going out in winters if you own these fantastic gloves. You can choose from four different colors – Academy blue, Baroque Green, Black, and Steel color.

A unique thing about these Liner 2.0 gloves is that they are skinny, and they fit your hands flawlessly. So either you can wear it on its own, or you can even use it as the first layer under thicker gloves in icy conditions. Though these mittens are excessively soft and thin, the heating quality is not compromised in any way. You will definitely feel warm and comfortable even on bone-chilling days.

Other Perks

If you are a snow sports person, these gloves can be the right choice for you. This is because of Under Armour’s storm finish technology used while manufacturing this product. This feature repels the rainwater and snow without having to sacrifice breathability. You will not feel the coldness of the frosty snow on your hand when you are wearing these warmers.

We all know how difficult it is to use our touch screen phones while wearing gloves. Under Armour comes to your rescue. The best part about these gloves is the tech touch print on fingers and thumb that enables you to use your smartphone devices with a touch screen without taking the gloves off.


It comes with ribbed cuffs for extra protection
The gloves are made of thin and ultra-soft materials for comfort
It offers you the tech touch print technology for using touch screen devices
These gloves can repel rain and snow, so you don’t feel cold on hands
Machine washable for your ease


Apart from tapping, swiping through your touch screen devices can be difficult
It can wear out fast if worn while doing heavy-duty tasks regularly


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