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Saucony Peregrine 10 Review



One of the greatest challenges any trail runner faces is the unpredictability of terrain. Even on well-known trails, muddy impasses, and unforeseen root systems can quickly mar an otherwise smooth run. Being prepared for what nature throws your way involves having the right pair of trail running shoes in your arsenal. The Saucony Peregrine 10 trail shoes excel as a comfortable shoe that can tackle even the toughest forms of terrain. These responsive shoes are renowned for their excellent traction, durability, and innovative take on stability.

Aggressive Traction that Doesn’t Quit

Logically, you can’t review the Saucony Peregrine 10 trail shoe without first touching on the aggressive traction. In fact, it is what the Peregrine line of shoes is best known for. With 5mm sticky lugs in an innovative chevron shape, these deep lugs have very sharp edges that are designed to bite down on soft surfaces like mud, snow, dirt, and grass. In our experience, the aggressively sticky rubber bottom also does a fantastic job of gripping rock. This is an ideal shoe for any runner who loves the challenge of taking on diverse trail systems. Since the outsole is a solid piece of rubber, this is also a durable shoe that is not prone to tearing or breaking down.

Ample Stability for Very Technical Terrain

Any runner who tackles technical terrain knows that the right shoe can make all the difference. The Saucony Peregrine 10 shoes are some of the most stable trail runners on the market. In terms of technical terrain, you can handle whatever nature throws your way. There is zero slippage in the heel or forefoot as you can easily lock into the footwell. With a low midsole and a stack height of only 22 mm in the heel, and 4mm drop, you’re kept close to ground level for added stability. With a very flat landing platform that is undeniably firm, you can push off from any type of terrain and truly uneven ground surfaces.

An Accurate Yet comfortable Fit

Traction and stability are paramount, but they won’t mean much if your feet are aching halfway through your run. The Peregrine 10 is a very comfortable shoe, even if it runs a bit longer than its contemporaries and holds a pointier toe box than some. With that in mind, this is a shoe that tends to fit true-to-size. In terms of width, this isn’t a wide width shoe nor does it run very narrow. Essentially, the Peregrine’s land right in the middle, offering an average amount of room. Luckily anyone with a really wide foot can opt for the EE Wide version. Though padding is a bit paired down to increase sensitivity, it is still a very comfortable shoe that creates little pressure on the tops of the feet. Our only true complaint is that the tongue could offer more padded protection. In the heel, you won’t find much in the way or rub, but you won’t get thick padding either.

Overall, this is a comfortable shoe with excellent traction, foot protection, and stability.

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Superb traction on any type of trail
Responsive and highly sensitive
Low to the ground for added stability
Flat landing platform
Affordable price point for any runner


A little thin underfoot
Heavy for a more minimal shoe
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