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Brooks Cascadia 14 Review



Not every trail runner wants to tackle technical rough terrain that requires the skill of a mountain goat. Some runners just want a simple trail run without all of the heavy-duty concentration. For a versatile shoe that is adept on less technical trails, look to the Brooks Cascadia 14. Brooks has long been renowned for offering best trail running shoes that work. The Cascadia 14 line is far from the exception. With comfortable construction and versatile uses, easily take these shoes from your trail of choice right back to the pavement.

Protection Without the Loss of Sensitivity

In the best trail shoes, sensitivity, and protection work together in perfect harmony. Too much protection means no sensitivity, while zero protection can make for a rather unwieldy run. The Brooks Cascadia 14 tows this line with ease. You’re well-protected thanks to foam underfoot cushioning and an additional rock plate. There is also an additional protective mesh upper.
If you find yourself running on a very rocky trail or run in which root systems are difficult to avoid, you won’t feel the full impact of their existence. With that said, you will still feel the trail beneath your feet as you glide along. This isn’t a shoe with the most sensitivity, but it offers up enough that you can quickly respond to any hazards and maneuver effectively on both easy and more technical terrain.

Sticky Rubber Designed for Dry Surfaces

If you’re a trail runner who craves a trek in the rain, these may not be the shoes for you. With that said, the traction on the Cascadia 14 is ideal for average trails that don’t present much in the way of underfoot debris. The outsole is crafted from sticky rubber that bites onto dry surfaces and doesn’t let go. The closely spaced together lugs also do well on steep rocky terrain, dirt roads, and even pavement. As mentioned above, the only place where the Cascadia 14 trail shoes miss the mark is on wet terrain. If there is mud or general slop, they will slip. Additionally, the lug pattern tends to pick up mud rather than kicking it back.

Adequate Stability with Most Surfaces in Mind

Trail shoes should always feel at least somewhat stable. The Brooks Cascadia 14 does offer adequate stability, even in uncertain or tricky terrain. With that said, the body of the shoe will make you feel as if you’re up a little higher than you actually are. This can cause some runners to feel a bit less stable. However, the rigidity of the shoe creates a pretty stable environment, especially when you’re running on terrain that is not super technical or uneven.

Ample Comfort for All Day Wear

Whether you’re a distance runner or someone who just likes to spend as much time on the trail as possible, the Cascadia 14 is going to offer ample comfort for all-day wear. Without compromising on responsiveness, Brooks crafted a shoe that is breathable, cushioned, and well-fitting. The upper is thin, allowing the foot to breathe well, yet you’ll always feel supported. Though the fit does run a bit more narrow and concise, those with wider feet can still enjoy this shoe and the ample toe splay it provides. Thanks to such a well-designed fit, you’ll never have to deal with that dreaded front to backslide when going downhill.

Overall, this is a comfortable and well-designed shoe that handles average trails with total ease. While they may not be the best for more technical endeavors, they’re a great versatile option for those who like a cross-over fit.

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Comfortable and concise fit
Protection without losing sensitivity
Good traction on dry surfaces
Versatile usage
Good rigidity for added stability


Not good on muddy surfaces
Lacking great arch support
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