Petzl Reactik Plus Reviewed

Are you a trail runnner? Then we have what will be your nighttime guide, the Petzl Reactik Plus headlamp. The programmable light source comes with a good range of output options. The technology in this headlamp is at a high level. The headlamp is a single strap that splits up to 2 at the back of the head. Depending upon the head size, one can adjust the headlamp with the buckles provided. The buckles buckle up easily, and this prevents slippage during use. The headlamp is about 115 grams; due to this, one will not feel the burden in the head during the activities.

The strap offers comfort and sweat absorption. With the 300 lumens of power, the beam reaches a maximum distance of about:

  • 110 meters in reactive mode
  • 90 meters in constant mode

The headlamp has 2 control buttons, and it has 2 setting options with 3 varied modes. There is a red-light mode, too, with reactive mode and constant mode.

  • The top button controls the overall power. By holding the button for 2 seconds, the headlamp starts functioning. One can press the top button again to select the other power modes—the headlamp switches on with the reactive mode’s max autonomy setting.
  • For constant lighting, press the side control button. One can press the side button again to choose the max power modes. The red-light spot turns on after the 2 seconds press of the side button. The Bluetooth connectivity can be done by a 4-second press of the side button.

By continuously pressing the side button and the top button, the headlamp powers off.


The defining features available in the headlamp are immense and noticeable.

  • Thanks to the MyPetzl Light app that connects the headlamp with smartphones or tablets. In this way, one can obtain real-time information. This helps us check the remaining battery and the performance. One can monitor their own performance during trail running, mountaineering, trekking, and the like. The MyPetzl app is available in the App Store and Google Play.
  • The reactive technology implied in the headlamp yields us immense benefits. With the sensors’ help, the headlamp analyses the ambient light and helps adjust the brightness instantly to the user’s needs. With 300 lumens of power, the head lampstands the best. The vision ranges from low range vision to high range vision. The buttons in the lamp help to adjust the beam settings.


There are 5 predefined profiles offered in the headlamp. They are:

  1. multi-activity
  2. trail running
  3. trekking
  4. mountaineering
  5. backpacking


Each profile has varied lighting levels. The user can create their profiles based on need.

The Live Mode option serves well with the Bluetooth connectivity. The features available with this Live Mode are:

  1. Accesses control of the headlamp through the mobiles or the tabs.
  2. In sync adjustments of the brightness and burn time.
  3. Battery charge level display


Another highlighting feature is the emergency light signal. This is useful when there is no phone communication or any other forms of communication. At this time, an alert is sent with a programmed brief message. The message turns into the Morse code light signal from the headlamp.


  • There are 6 compatible and available languages. These include English, Japanese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.
  • The software platform needed is iOS 10 or later or Android 4.3 or later.
  • iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Retina 7.4, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 are the Apple devices that sync with the MyPetzl app.
  • ARCHOS AC45BHE, Huawei Honor 5, Huawei Honor 7, HTC-one m9, LG G3, Meizu M2, Meizu M3S, Nexus 6, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Nexus 9 5.1.1, Samsung Galaxy S4-mini, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, Samsung Galaxy J1, Galaxy Note 8 GT-N5110, Sony Xperia XA, Samsung GT-S7710, Sony Xperia Z3, Sony Xperia ZR are the android devices that sync with MyPetzl app.
  • The lock function in the headlamp prevents the lamp from turning on when not in use.
  • The headband is washable.
  • It is IPX4 water-resistant i.e. easy for use without considering sweat and water.

Brightness and Battery Life

The MyPetzl app shows the percentage of battery life. Depending upon the battery life, the brightness of the light beam adjusts. For instance, consider the situation where the headlamp needs to last 10 hours. The lamp itself adjusts the brightness depending upon the battery life for the desired duration.

Considering the battery, there is no need to carry the batteries as the headlamp operates on lithium-ion batteries. A micro USB helps to charge the headlamp and the battery life extends from 3 hours to 30 hours. Within 4 hours, the battery of the headlamp is fully charged. The battery life depends upon the profile selected, mode, and the light setting. In the worst case of prolonged usage of the headlamp, normal AAA batteries serve the request. The battery life is indicated through the connected app or a LED light at the head lamp’s side. This blinks several times to denote the low battery. After this, the low power lighting exists for 45 minutes, and the headlamp shuts off automatically without any warnings. The USB plugin is on top of the lamp. A rubber tab covers it to prevent dust, dirt, and moisture.


  • Comfort level is high
  • Varied lighting profiles makes it versatile
  • Reactive lighting mode
  • Both rechargeable battery and disposable batteries can be used
  • Easily connects with the MyPetzl Light app


  • Not adjustable with one basket and tip
  • Not available for lower-end phones


One is surely benefited from a compact, intelligently connected, and intelligent solution incorporated in a headlamp and its usage. The Pretzl Reactik Plus is promisingly comfortable, versatile, and durable. In comparison with the Reactik headlamp, the Reactik Plus is connected via Bluetooth, which is a nice feature to have. Brighten your way with a high end headlamp and enjoy your run without any hiccups.