A picture of the New Balance Men's Fresh Foam 860v11 in white and black

New Balance Fresh Foam 860v11 Review



New Balance is known for its unmatched shoe quality and clever design ideas. The brand quality went up a notch with the addition of premium cushioning to some of its models. The latest member to join the New Balance family of stability shoes is the 860v11, now featuring a fresh foam midsole for added comfort and a smooth ride. We’ll spill the details in our New Balance Fresh Foam 860v11 review.

Latest Additions

The 860v11 overall look and feel boast of the clever craftsmanship behind the urban design. Updates in the training shoe include the softer fresh foam filling within the midsole for a more soothed feeling while in motion. The upper mesh has also received a facelift. The mesh in the 860v11 is slightly rigid. It is a good thing because it gives the shoe a sturdy feel and better control which are essential traits of a reliable daily running shoe. The heel collar in the 860v11 is the same as used in the 1080v10, which looks good and is practical. There’s extra padded foam above the heel bone. It helps with putting shoes on quickly and prevents the heel from sliding within the shoe. It also protects your foot from rubbing and blister formation on the Achilles. The heel cup confirms a stronghold foot grip, relaxing the ankle. This feature is excellent for those with ankle problems. If you read this New Balance 860v11 review, you’ll know why users can’t stop raving about why these are solid running shoes. A favorite feature among many users is the New Balance premium fresh foam in the midsole. It has a softer feel to it but is firm enough to not compress upon pressure. This helps the inside stay firm for longer times, assuring durability.

Shoe Stability Factors

The stability feature of the 860v11 holds the foot in place with a firm grasp, but does not create a trapped and suffocating feeling. The added medial post is made of firm foam and is visible through the shoe pattern on the outer wall. It prevents foot wobbling and ensures a smooth takeoff and comfortable transition while training.

Fit, Feel, and Performance

With its sporty outlook, plush interior, and suave movement, the New Balance 860v11 is a dream come true for everyday runners. It comes in three width sizes — narrow, medium, and wide — to accommodate all feet sizes. The interior volume is medium from toe to heel. The fit may sometimes feel narrower than expected but is true to size for most users. The step-in feeling is plush and flexible. The combination of a soft-top layer, the padded tongue, the flared heel collar, and the firm midsole ensure a stable performance every time.

How Fresh Foam 860v11 Compares to the 860v10

Because many complained about the narrow fit and heel rubbing against the Achilles, the 860v11 is the fixed version. There’s a big difference in the midsole between these shoes. New Balance added its premium fresh foam to the 860v11 to give it a more bouncy and cushioned feeling, whereas its earlier model included varied cushioning. The v11 has a changed heel collar that flares away from the Achilles tendon, avoiding any pressure occurrence on that part. The heel design is similar to the heel collar of the Fresh Foam 1080v10. A side-by-side comparison reveals a difference in the overall design, and the v11 is also lighter than v10. The airy feeling almost makes you forget there’s something on your feet.

Who is it Made For?

New Balance designed the Fresh Foam 860v11 to support frequent, everyday training. The added specs conform to a non-slip, firm hold, and lightweight support for your feet. That being said, the 860v11 is good for a daily run and light workout session but is not an ideal choice for a 5K race. Runners who prefer a cushioned, bouncy core and also require some support with takeoff overpronation will appreciate the 860v11. It averts workout stress and fatigue and lengthens training time. The 860v11 is a favorable option for beginner-level runners. It’s also suitable for tall and large runners who prefer a more padded shoe base and need support, or runners with flat feet.


Based on our review of the Fresh Foam 860v11, this is a top-notch stability offering from New Balance. You might become addicted to the luxurious feel, ultra-cushioned, lightweight ride, and stable performance and won’t settle for anything less. You definitely will not need a new pair of running shoes for a long time because the New Balance Fresh Foam 860v11 is an all-rounder.


Has good stability in the sole
Support all throughout the shoe due to the medial post, well-fitting engineered mesh upper, and data-driven cushioning
Exceptional durability thanks to the blown rubber outsole
Ultra Heels hugs the foot for a secure fit


Tight fit in the ball of the foot
Midsole can become hard after constant running
These take a while to break in
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