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ASICS GT-2000 9 Review



In keeping with its tradition as a mid-range stability trainer, the Asics GT-2000 9 offers the same excellent comfort and stable support qualities the GT-2000 series is known for. It’s been the go-to-choice of trainers for a while now, from amateur “weekend” runners all the way up to marathon veterans, and that reputation is well deserved.

The combination of its lightweight construction and firm, cushioned support makes the GT-2000 9 a reliable workhorse of a running shoe, suitable for all types of runners. However, the GT-2000 9 has received even more improvements than its GT-2000 predecessor.

The Inside Scoop

Though the Asics GT-2000 7 is still a respectable stability shoe, the Asics GT-2000 9 offers an increased comfort factor due to the new one-piece, no-sew mesh upper. This seamless upper allows a more effortless slip-on and creates a gorgeous fit that feels like wrapping your foot in a hug.

Added reinforcement in critical spots on the upper’s exterior keeps the foot firmly in position with no hint of heel slippage. The breathable mesh material keeps the feet from overheating. Asics’ GEL™ inserts across the midsole compound and under the heel create a vibration canceling effect, softening the foot strike’s overall impact.

While generally a narrower fit, the toe box of the GT-2000 9 is wide enough to provide good wiggle and spread room for the toes. A softer and more resilient FLYTEFOAM™ enhances the midsole support and makes the shoe a half-ounce lighter than the previous model.

The Dynamic DuoMax dual-density midsole foam post, together with Asics’ Guidance Trusstic System along the shoe’s medial side, helps realign pronation tendencies and provide arch support affecting a more natural gait cycle.

The new formula FLYTEFOAM™ Blast foam developed by Asics incorporates natural fibers that resist compaction, offering a consistent, lively bounce back even on the longest runs. The Asics 2000 9’s trifecta of comfort fit, superb shock absorption, and correctional support make for an exhilarating, energetic run with a smooth, rolling transition from heel-strike to toe-off.

Sole Purpose

A redesigned outsole incorporates horizontal flex grooves into the forefoot, allowing more toe and ankle flex and providing enhanced traction on any surface, wet or dry.

The heel and forefoot are constructed with two different AHAR (Asics Heavy Abrasion Rubber) formulations. Classic AHAR makes up the forefoot sole, and the carbon-added AHAR+ strengthens the heel to provide outstanding, extended wear life.

As mentioned, the unique Trusstic guidance system built into the shoe’s medial side is designed to compensate for overpronation by restricting torsion. How do you know if you overpronate or underpronate? The soles of your running shoes will tell the story.

Increased wear on the inside edge of the toe and heel means more significant pressure applied toward the inside, indicating overpronation. This is often accompanied by low arches, or flat feet, which both the Asics GT 1000 series and the GT-2000 9 are specifically designed to support.

The opposite of overpronation is sometimes called underpronation. Still, the correct term is supination, meaning more pressure is applied to the foot’s outer side, producing more wear on the sole’s outside edge. Neutral pronation means a more even pressure down the middle of the foot, resulting in an s-shaped wear pattern.

Looking Good

The fantastic fit is a common denominator; its redesigned upper earns kudos in GT-2000 9 reviews across the board. Runners love the shoe’s lightness, which is the major difference between the weighty Asics Kayano and the GT-2000.

The color choices available in the GT-2000 9 are somewhat expanded, with a shocking lime green added to the men’s lineup and a dual-colored outsole stripe on the women’s side. Both versions of the GT-2000 9 sport a sleek and classic profile with a 10mm drop from heel to toe, creating a more diverse and energetic look.

The Verdict

To sum up our Asics GT-2000 9 review, this addition to the GT-2000 family is a stable and versatile winner that is good for all types of runners and ideally suited for overpronation.

Intended as a mid-range offering, a lower price is the major difference between the Asics GT-2000 and the GT-3000 series. It retains the best qualities of the 1000 series while adding improvements.

The pros include the shoe’s exceptional stability, improved durability, greater comfort with a redesigned upper, lighter weight, and outstanding arch support system.

Though there are many great features about the shoe, but we do believe that some things could be improved, such as some stiffness through the midsole, an overly thick tongue, and limited color choices.

If these are easily overlooked, we believe that the Asics GT-2000 9 is a great choice for a running shoe.


Integrates rearfoot and forefoot GEL ® technology to support toe-off and absorb shock
One-piece, no-sew mesh upper offers maximal support throughout the gait cycle
Integrates GUIDANCE TRUSSTIC™ and DYNAMIC DUOMAX™ for an efficient toe-off
Very lightweight


Not a lot of flexiblity
Ride is more on the firm side
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