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Asics Gel-Cumulus 22 Review



Asics introduced yet another version of their Gel Cumulus model. It features all sorts of cutting-edge technology that promises a “pillowy” ride that’ll put some pep in your step and enhance your performance and comfort. See the Asics Gel Cumulus 22 review below to decide if this could be the running shoe for you.

What’s New: Asics Gel Cumulus

These running shoes will feel familiar to regular Asics runners with a few added perks to create a fresh experience. It offers neutral support and the perfect softness in the cushioning to perform as an optimal everyday trainer. You’ll realize just how much Asics packed into this shoe’s design by looking at the midsole and outsole. This component features several of their signature innovations, designed to enhance the underfoot feel and the shoe’s responsiveness. For one, there’s the FLYTEFOAM ® Propel Technology, which Asics included to provide a “pillowy” ride. Asics also integrated their latest GEL ® technology in the rearfoot and forefoot, absorbing shock during impact and toe-off. For added durability, it has an AHAR ® (Asics High Abrasion Rubber) outsole, strategically placed at critical points on the outsole for maximal longevity. But what’s so great about this, if the shoe doesn’t fit comfortably? Luckily, Asics prioritized runners’ comfort as well as performance, illustrated in the upper. It features engineered multi-directional mesh for optimal ventilation with a 3D Print for a secure, supportive fit on the forefoot. The Cumulus 22 is a lighter shoe, weighing only 6.9 oz for women and 9.3 oz for men. It is available in several wide sizes, including D, 2E, and 4E. You’ll find the 10 mm drop quite comfortable – that is, unless you overpronate, then this might leave you wanting more.

Asics Gel Cumulus 22 Fit and Materials

Alright, so it’s one thing to be able to list off the shoe’s prime features, but it’s a bit more important to understand how they’ll all work together to affect your run. Here’s a more detailed Gel Cumulus 22 review to help you decide whether they’ll work for you or not.

Super-Soft, Responsive Ride

Asics has done a ton of work to make this the most comfortable ride possible for daily use. As mentioned above, the most important features that play a direct role in this are the FLYTEFOAM ® and GEL™ tech, followed by the flex grooves and toe spring. How does it all work? First, there’s the FLYTEFOAM. It’s a lightweight foam formulation combined with an elastomer that offers high energy return, promising less drag and giving you just the right amount of spring, which is apparent in the toe-off especially. These advancements result in a bouncy, smooth ride that helps maximize your energy output with less effort and ideal comfort for miles on the road. Thanks to the GEL™ tech, your foot will enjoy minimal impact (if you’re a heel-striker) and mitigated shock in the forefoot. This helps you run with greater ease. The deep flex grooves are also accountable for creating a smooth transition throughout the gait cycle, with a nice finish on the toe-off thanks to that toe spring. (Keep in mind that the toe spring is ideal for minimizing the strain on the muscles surrounding the toes, but you shouldn’t rely on it for exclusive, long-term use, as it may weaken them due to a lack of normal use.)

Improved Durability

Another notable feature in the Gel-Cumulus 22 model is the AHAR ® outsole. This is a multifunctional component, as it supports the shoe’s durability due to enhanced abrasion resistance and contributes a bit of bounce to the ride. Asics accomplished this by using a rubber material that’s often used in car tire manufacturing. While you can’t expect a pair of these Asics shoes to last as long as your Michelin tires, this material significantly ups the lifespan. In fact, the company describes this material as twice as resilient as their standard formula. The AHAR ® outsole is also 50% lighter than conventional alternatives, so you don’t have to settle for a bulky shoe to get the added strength you’ve been wanting.

Revamped Upper

Ok, so what the heck is a 3D Print upper? Basically, it’s an upper that’s manufactured based on a digital model, allowing for faster production with more lightweight materials (e.g., textiles, flexible plastics, etc.) without compromising a good fit. All I can say is thank goodness Asics finally buckled down and redesigned the uppers in the Gel Cumulus 22 because those stiff overlays of a previous version had me worried here. Luckily, the amount of flex is good and offers a reasonable amount of support around the midfoot. The other primary feature in the upper is the multi-directional mesh, which provides excellent breathability all across the foot, keeping your feet cool and comfortable throughout the run. (This trait is also essential to preventing the formation of blisters.)

Gel Cumulus 22 Drop

This shoe features a 10 mm drop, which is relatively large, as some consider anything over 8 mm to be a pretty high drop. Still, generally speaking, 10 mm is the go-to drop, as it offers neutral support to many foot types. The only people who can’t quite maximize the benefits offered by this drop are those with low or no arches (which is roughly 8% of adults in the US). Asics explicitly states that this neutral runner was designed for people who either underpronate or pronate normally, meaning you either have high arches or regular arches, respectively. All this said, midfoot strikers might consider this drop a bit high. It doesn’t feel bad, per se, but you might be able to find a shoe with a more comfortable drop. Many runners have actually called for Asics to lower the drop to 8 mm for a better ride.

Which Runner Does the Asics Gel Cumulus 22 Best Suit?

Truthfully, while the Asics Gel Cumulus 22 is packed with amazing features that make it seem like this should be a show-stopping shoe, it’s really just good in its execution. It does offer a soft but bouncy, energetic ride, and the toe spring is nice; however, to sum up this Gel Cumulus 22 review, I would only recommend it as a casual day trainer.


FLYTEFOAM ® and GEL ® tech offer a super-soft ride, excellent for use as a daily trainer
Lightweight due to mesh upper
Sturdy shoe with great rebound
Well-ventilated to ensure breathability
AHAR ® rubber outsole enhances durability
3D foot upper provides support and the right amount of flex


May be a bit narrow for some
Heel construction might be irritating for some wearers
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