An image of the Altra King MT 2.0 Trail Running Shoe

Altra King MT 2 Review



If you are looking for a “grippy” trail running shoe that is also great for hiking and climbing, the Altra King MT 2 is the one for you. While the velcro strap dead set in the middle may seem like a hindrance, it is just one of the many features this shoe has that makes sure it is ready to take on any terrain, no matter if it is smooth or rustic, all while ensuring that you will stay on your toes.

After having the opportunity to review the Altra King MT 2, we can firmly say that this model is one of the best high grip trail shoes you will be able to get your hands on. There are many shoes out there, but the King MT stands near the front of the line. Below we have put together some of the benefits that this shoe can bring to you and why you should highly consider having it in your closet.


The Altra King MT 2 received a pretty significant reduction in weight, in the form of a thinner and lighter outsole than the older versions ever had. The material used for the outsole is a Vibram MegaGrip Litebase. Thanks to the upgrade, the King MT 2 is now very flexible once you start your trail, despite its rigid appearance. Even though there is a rock plate in the midsole, you will find that it will not affect its flexibility.


This model offers foot protection using a thicker outsole, a middle rock plate, and 19mm of cushioning for your underfoot. What that means is when you are out on the trail and running on rocks, you will be able to feel them as you run but will not feel any pain because of them. That is a huge positive when it comes to shoe sensitivity so that while you are protected, you are still able to feel the trail you are on. So whether you are running in snow, on rocks, or anywhere else, your feet will be protected by the Altra King MT 2.


The King MT 2 fit has changed some when compared to its prior model and should feel better on your feet, especially when it comes to the low-volume heel and midfoot. The Altra King MT2 is now the most snug fit of any other trail shoes, thanks to an upper which helps make you feel like you do not have much more space to fit. The lower-volume upper is supported through the midfoot velcro strap. Compared to the older version, this strap has moved up the shoe a bit, which will help your heel feel more secure. Now when you run through challenging terrain that contains rocks, snow, and more, you will be able to run with confidence knowing your shoe will not slip.

Overall Rating

The final verdict of our review of the Altra King MT 2 trail running shoe is in, with a solid 8.5/10! They have fit, comfort, grip, protection, and the most important thing; they have flexibility – which means they are not stiff. So if you are someone who likes a shoe that is flexible while protecting you from those dangerous trails you will be on, the Altra King MT 2 is the one for you. Many runners love what they found in this model, and we believe if you give it a try, you will love it as well. No more of your feet hurting from running on an unpaved path!


Updated upper for more flexibility and comfort
Better grip and durability than its older versions
Has a foot shaped toe box
Updated Vibram MegaGrip Litebase that has a 40% reduction in thickness of the outsole
Velcro strap


Not as cushioned as it could be
The underfoot platform can be unsupportive at times, especially on long runs
Laces can be too short
Sizing runs small (order 1 full size down from your usual)
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