How To Boost Endurance

Man running with a backdrop of mountains and a lake

Elite athletes and leisure runners all come across the same obstacles when they set out on an endurance race: the terrain, the difficulty of the race itself (including distance, elevation, how technical conditions are underfoot), the weather; all aspects that physical training can prepare you for to a certain extent. However, there is one more […]

Stamina vs endurance running

an image of a fit couple running by ocean

What’s the Difference Between Endurance and Stamina? We explain these two often misunderstood terms when running.

How to Avoid a Side Stitch

an image of an old man in pain when walking at the beach

When you run, lots of things can go wrong: you can get injured, you can get tired, and you might end up dehydrated or depleted from lack of enough food. How about side stitches, however, and the incredible discomfort they can cause to runners? What are side stitches, who runs the risk of getting them, […]