Coastal Trail Runs

General Information

If you live in California, you can enjoy trail running in carefully selected trail runs by Coastal Trail Runs that have organized running events for many years. The courses cater for all types of runners; it doesn’t matter whether you are a new runner or an ultra runner. The organizers hold their events in scenic recreational areas and beautiful parks around the state. This ensures runners enjoy the environment as they meet their fitness goals or break records in competitive races. The Trail Runs is reputed for its accurately measured distances, clearly-marked courses, immediate race results plus quality shirt designs of all sizes. The organizers of the events focus on providing the community with well-organized events at affordable prices in a natural environment.

The trail runs by Coastal Trail Runs welcome runners of all abilities and ages. Races and other events like BBQs are scheduled when the weather is clear. The races have numerous participants and you can feel free to bring a friend and enjoy good company in the wonderful wild environment. The courses are safe and well designed for all sorts of challenges. You only need to bring the right running gear and have the motivation to finish the race.


The courses billed by Coastal Trail Runs are varied. Some courses are designed to be easier and others are very challenging. When you want to move faster, you can choose flatter and faster courses. Other courses are bumpy, rocky, and will sometimes require you to walk. You can experiment with nature at its best by picking courses that will sometimes require you to dip your toes in the water. Even with the challenging paths, most runners still find them very interesting and enjoyable than running on the road. The trail runs are very natural and you will find yourself running on sand, dirt, grass, mud, climbing hills, or walking through water to continue with your adventurer’s sport.

Since the trails are in parts of California’s wild zones, you don’t expect distractions from pedestrians, cars, or bikers which you have to yield to now and then. The trails offer flawless running experience compared to road running which comes with much distraction. Paths with the best scenic sights are chosen to give runners a memorable trail run that will also help them beat off stress from everyday hassle in the cities.


Coastal Trail Runs organizes one of the best California’s outdoor events. At least every weekend has something to do. You can follow up on the company’s calendar to stay updated on the coming events. The calendar shows the distance of the trails for each weekend as well as the location for the events. The calendars allow you to adjust your schedule depending on the event or race you wish to attend. You have the freedom to book for an event early enough. The flexibility of canceling an event is also allowed if your plans don’t work out as you had anticipated.

You don’t have to worry about food when you attend any of the fun-filled Coastal Trail Runs. Organizers of the event provide food and drinks for the runners. Enjoying a BBQ in one of the beautiful California’s sceneries is possible. Dedicating a whole day of fun-filled running workout is thus possible with Coastal Trail Runs. The beautiful environment is just relaxing and helps you to unwind.

You will as well enjoy the services of the supportive staff at various stop-overs. There are aid stations that are well stocked to cater to your needs while on the course. The stations are located every 3-4 miles and the staff there are very friendly and professional. If you get injuries in the course of your race, you only need to go to the aid stations for first aid treatment and good advice that will help you continue with your race.


Trail runs organized by Coastal Trail Run are very motivating. If you value your health and what to enjoy the wild side of California, You can consider participating in trail running whether you are new or seasoned in the sport. Running in courses chosen by professionals can be fun and give you a great experience in what to look out for when you choose a trail for your next race training.