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Treadmill Training for the Mountains

If you live in a flat area and have signed up for a mountain race or a trail running event that includes a lot of elevation gain, you might be seriously concerned about how you’re going to get that vertical into your training plan.  Regardless of your level of fitness,

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Stamina vs endurance running

What’s the Difference Between Endurance and Stamina? We explain these two often misunderstood terms when running.

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What Is Polarized Training

When you look at your running logs, training time spent in various heart rate zones or at certain levels of RPE (rate of perceived exertion) will vary depending on your goals and training program. However, scientific research led by Dr. Stephen Seiler observed that the majority of elite endurance athletes

Dual image of a woman running on a mountain trail and another mountain biking

Trail Running vs Trail Biking

Trail Biking: Let’s Do This If you are searching for a lightweight trail bicycle, you should change course since a trail bike should be very heavy. Biking is a fantastic means to get outside, get fit, and boost your wellness. You can purchase some amazing bikes and find some fabulous

A low shot image of two men running through a trail in the forest

The Battle Over Trail Running and How to Win It

What facilitates that’s a stable core.” But on the trail, you’re searching for the path which requires the minimal possible amount of energy. Again the trail is utilized by bikers so just know about other trail users. If you’re about to purchase a trail running shoe, take a look at

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